Globfel – 4 for cats

Happy is the cat owner who has not encountered serious diseases of your pet. However our smaller brothers who did not encounter serious illnesses of his pet. but our smaller brothers, unfortunately, often become victims infectious diseases. But any disease is much simpler to warn than to cure. To support the body at home friend or help him quickly cope with the disease, should pay attention to globulins – substances that allow you to raise pet immunity level, restore mucous membranes and defeat the raging viruses in the body of an unfortunate animal and bacteria. One of such preparations is Glofel-4 serum for cats.

What is Globfel-4 and what is it for?

“Globfel – 4” – transparent, colorless (sometimes with yellow shade) serum produced in sealed ampoules. number the medicine in each ampoule is 1 ml, which is equal to 1 dose, calculated on 10 kg of animal weight. In the package “Globfel – 4” contains 10 ampoules of the drug. Globulin producer – Moscow Vetbiochem LLC, a company manufacturing veterinary drugs. The action of serum occurs due to globulin serum fractions of farm animals (horses, cows, goats) infected with weakened chlamydia viruses, calcivirosis, rhinotracheitis and panleukopenia (cat distemper). Consider the diseases that Glofel-4 helps to fight in more detail:

  • Chlamydia is a bacterial infection caused by representatives of the genus Chlamidia. Chlamydia infection of kittens occurs in utero or during childbirth. Adults can catch the infection after contact with feces, urine, secretions from the nose and eyes of a sick or newly ill cat. Symptoms chlamydia – refusal of food, mild fever, cough and sneezing, discharge from the nose and eyes. In severe cases, the cat may purulent conjunctivitis, and even pulmonary edema develop.
  • Calcivirosis – an infection caused by the Feline virus calicivirus, which affects the cat’s respiratory system. Most often infection occurs after a healthy purr communicates with the patient animals, including those with no obvious signs diseases. The symptoms of such an infectious disease are fever, apathy, the appearance of ulcers on the nose and tongue, transparent discharge from the eyes and nose, diarrhea, shortness of breath;
  • Rhinotracheitis – a disease caused by herpesvirus Feline alphaherpesvirus. In the process of infection that occurs after contact of a healthy individual with a sick or newly ill person, cat’s visual system and respiratory system suffer. Symptoms rhinotracheitis – high fever, discharge from the eyes (often purulent) and nose, vomiting, shortness of breath, swelling of the pharynx and larynx, rhinitis, constipation. With complications in cats with rhinotracheitis bronchitis and pneumonia, damage to the nervous system may develop, serious eye disease;
  • Panleukopenia is an infectious disease caused by parvovirus Feline Panleukopenia, which affects the bone marrow animal, organs of the gastrointestinal tract and respiration, cardiovascular system. Infection can occur from a sick mother cat, by contact with a sick animal, often fleas are to blame for everything – intermediate hosts of parvovirus. Symptoms of cat distemper – lethargy, vomiting and diarrhea (often with mucus and blood), large temperature, discharge from the nose and eyes, impaired coordination, cramps, frequent breathing, cyanotic mucous membranes, tachycardia. TO Unfortunately, the disease leaves little chance for kittens and elderly or weakened cats.

As can be seen from the listed symptoms of the disease, serum “Globfel – 4” should be in the home zoo kit of each owner tailed pet. The instruction for use states that Globfel – 4 “causes passive 2-week immunity against cat ailments, mentioned earlier. After this period, cats spend vaccination so that the body can acquire active immunity to bacteria and viruses.

Features Globfel – 4 for cats

So that prevention and treatment with Globfel-4 are the most effective, you should know about some of the nuances of the drug:

  • The shelf life of the product in an unopened ampoule is 24 months at a temperature of 2-8 degrees. Over time, at the bottom of the tank with a slight precipitate may appear in serum;
  • The sooner therapy with Glofel-4 serum begins, the more chances for a cat to recover soon from infection;
  • “Globfel-4” is successfully used in complex therapy of the patient cats along with antibiotics, symptomatic drugs, vitamin and probiotic agents;
  • Allergic reactions to Globfel-4 are possible with idiosyncrasy of globulin in cats. In the rest no side effects were seen;
  • Before globulin injection, it is advisable to give 15-20 minutes antihistamine drug (“Cetirizine”, “Hydroxyzine”, “Fexofenadine” or other);
  • Globulin is not allowed to be mixed with another drug in one syringe during administration;
  • For prevention or treatment to be effective, preferably take care of the elimination of ecto- and endoparasites that live on the surface of the body and in the internal organs and tissues of the cat;
  • The person who injects the cat must follow precautions (rubber gloves, protective clothing). Got on skin serum should be washed off with plenty of water. If substance accidentally gets inside (has been swallowed or entered under skin), you should immediately consult a doctor.

How and in what doses should Glofel-4 be used?

For prevention, serum is injected under the cat’s skin (usually in the withers area, less often – in the knee fold) once in an amount of 1 ml (contents of 1 ampoule) if the weight of the cat is less than 10 kg. If If the animal weighs more than 10 kg, it will take 2 ml of the drug (contents of 2 ampoules). 2 weeks after injection should vaccinate the cat against infectious diseases. When the cat treatment is required, Globfel-4 is administered 2 to 4 times over 12-24 hours, combining globulin with drugs prescribed by a veterinarian (antibiotics, droppers, vitamins and symptomatic medicines, etc.).

Reviews on the drug “Globfel – 4” for cats

Globfel 4 has many grateful fans. Although he has and opponents, like any drug. The following are reviews owners of cats about serum: Review number 1: “I can not scold drug “Globfel – 4”. But to the vet who did the injection, there are complaints. The fact is that in February I picked up a homeless a kitten (about 3 months old) and drove him to the vet clinic to find out what vaccinations you need to do. After the examination, the doctor injected the baby Globfel’s injection and ordered to appear in 2 weeks. The house became a kitten bad: vomiting, loose stools began. The baby died 6 hours after injections. It was necessary to give some antihistamine first, and then do an injection. It is a pity that we got to such a “specialist.” Now I will be a science. From now on, I will first instructions for the drug ask that you read with your own eyes what to do and how … “; No. 2: “I” Globfel – 4 “before vaccinating my Snowflake I stab to the withers. We used to have another cat from the plague died, so I’m on guard now. Better to spend on prevention than say goodbye to a furry friend, consider a family member. By the way the veterinarian advised this serum to us. Advantages of Globfel – 4 – reasonable price (if you buy ampoules individually), domestic producer (I trust them more), good tolerance … “; Review No. 3:” “Globfel – 4” pricked along with antibiotics when the cat picked up calcivirosis on the street. how many there were tears when I read about the horrors of this disease. I thought that I have to say goodbye to Kuzey. But he recovered! Think that serum has done its job by strengthening my immunity cat … “; Review No. 4:” I do not understand what it consists of miracles “Globfel – 4″. If the cat is done on time vaccinations, then no globulins will be needed. So, once again some introduction under the skin: the cat is hurt, and the owner is expensive. I give first from fleas, then from worms, and then I do the vaccination. And that’s all! No viruses will pass if you follow the cat and that’s it do the right thing … ”

Cost “Globfel – 4”

In veterinary pharmacies, the drug “Globfel-4” can be bought by the piece, which is important when the animal needs prevention panleukopenia, chlamydia, rhinotracheitis or calcivirosis. In that In the case of the price of 1 ampoule will be about 250-360 rubles. Accordingly, if the cat needs treatment, then money for the drug will have to give more. Packaging “Globfel – 4”, in which 10 ampoules will cost about 2300-3600 rubles.

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