Giraffe cub died at the zoo Belgorod

Four days later, a baby giraffe named Safari could It would be a year if not for the unexpected death of the animal.

At the weekend, employees of the Belgorod Zoo posted in a group social networks post about the mysterious death of a universal favorite – a giraffe by named Safari.

The mysterious death of a giraffe named Safari at the Belgorod Zoo


As the park workers themselves say, for them it is a big tragedy. Just three months ago, a giraffe moved from Kaliningrad the zoo. From the first minutes the baby was surrounded by care and attention. For he even picked up a special diet, and also built personal summer aviary and a comfortable room for wintering.

“We gradually accustomed Safari to a new place so that he wouldn’t was afraid of people. This week a holiday was planned in honor of his day. birth, and then such a tragedy. ”

Celebrated in the social group

Press Secretary of the Kaliningrad Zoo Ekaterina Mikhailova explained that before moving the animal, the park staff from Kaliningrad checked all the conditions for his future residence in Belgorod Zoo. But anything could happen. True the cause of death will show tests after an autopsy.

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