Furminator for cats: An indispensable gadget for grooming and home care

Furminator for cats

Furminator for cats – a convenient device that allows get rid of unnecessary cat hair during molting. After all, caring for animals and proper maintenance are the responsibilities of each owner pets.

This is especially true for owners of long-haired cats. breeds such as: ragdoll, cat chinchilla, norwegian forest cat, pers, somali cat, Neva Masquerade, Siberian cat, bobtail kurilsky, maine kun and many others.

Of course, it will not be possible to completely get rid of the presence of wool, but reduce the volume lying in unnecessary places – perhaps regularly using a furminator.

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Furminator for cats

Here is how much wool can be combed out, rather than wallowing over home

Market for related products for the care and maintenance of animals pleases lovers of friends of our lesser with new devices, making such a neighborhood pleasant and hassle-free. One such gadgets replaced traditional hairbrushes and all kinds of litter for cats and dogs.

Furminator is not an innovative solution, but only more an improved analogue of such familiar items as: a comb for cats and dogs, a brush and a regular scrubber.

After all, efficiency from use and pleasant sensations in animal, the main criteria by which funds are selected for care. The presence of such a thing as a furminator for cats is not only in the arsenal of a professional groomer, and at home, will help the owners in the fight against the effects of molting.


  • 1 What is a furminator and where can I get it
  • 2 Benefits of the Furminator
  • 3 Varieties of Furminators
  • 4 Technique for using a furminator
  • 5 How often do you need to use the furminator
  • 6 What is the Importance of Using a Furminator: Reviews and statistics
  • 7 What breeds of cats are not suitable for the furminator
  • 8 Prices for the host and analogues

What is a furminator and where can I get it

The furminator for cats is a comb with a special blade made of strong steel, thanks to the special design of which, in the process of use, combed out all dead, falling out undercoat, but the remaining hairs are not damaged.

You can buy a furminator for cats, both on the Internet and in nearest pet store. With an assortment and suggestions of problems no. But how to choose a fixture?

Numerous reviews of professional groomers and simple owners of tetrapods using this gadget in care, as for long-haired cats, and for short-haired, will help determine the size and its model.

You can also get advice from a veterinarian or seller pet supplies.

Furminator for cats

Original device model

Advantages of the Furminator

  • The material of the furminator blade is not combed over time. A single acquisition of such a gadget replaces the use with the same result of 20 ordinary combos. Comparing the price of one furminator and 20 carbs, it is easy to see a significant difference in favor of know-how.
  • A special mode for wool removal makes the process combing out more simple. After all, from this device is not necessary choose wool from the brush with your hands, constantly distracted.
  • Safety during use is a special plus in use. Furminator for cats is able to gently stretch the dead layer of wool, without damaging or cutting off the live hair of the hair.
  • Efficiency during application is the same as for long-haired cats, and for shorthair.
  • Professional care. The use of this type of cat scratcher contributes to an even distribution of grease, which Allows cats to remain shiny and smooth.
  • This type of comb helps to accelerate the process of molting in cats.

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Caterpillar catchers are popular with cat cats all over the world. The host came to the CIS countries relatively recently.

Important! Veterinarians around the world strongly It is recommended to use just this type of garlic and its analogues for brushing animal hair. Since the use of this devices helps to monitor the health of cats and dogs, as well as provides professional pet care right at home.

Furminator for cats

This fluffy without combing is not get by

Varieties of Furminators

Like all interesting, new and popular ideas, the furminator, or rather, its original model, was plagiarism. Accordingly, the price of products is different.

Everyone who wants to have a much needed gadget at home should proceed from your capabilities when buying. And it’s worth remembering that not always cheap – means bad.

Furminators for cats come in two models:

  • Classic
  • Deluxe

Both models, classic and deluxe, are of high quality. Difference only in the materials for the manufacture and ergonomics of the handle.

The classic model is much older, six have to be removed from it hands.

The deluxe model has an injector button with which six she flies off the ridge.

The models differ in the width of their crest.

Since the originator is originally the brainchild of a brand, producing animal care products, sometimes, manufacturers of other brands for the name of a similar gadget use the word trimmer.

There are such device models:

  • For small kittens, with a comb width of 3.2 cm.
  • For animals weighing three to five kilograms, with a width of combs 4.5 cm.
  • For rocks weighing more than five kilograms, with a crest width of 6.8 cm. This model is perfect for the largest breeds of domestic pets.

If you are interested in reading the list of the smallest breeds cats, we recommend reading the following article: https: //kot-pes.com/samaya-malenkaya-poroda-koshek/

Furminator for cats

Furminators come in different blade widths (for large cats, for smaller breeds, for kittens)

Each type of device is designed in two types. First for long-haired breeds, in which the teeth are longer than in the second a model designed for shorthair.

Important! Before use, be sure to read the instructions for use on the packaging and carefully inspect the animal.

Furminator Technique

Basic rules, compliance with which when using this the gadget will secure the animal and the owner from unpleasant consequences these are:

  • Carefully check your cat’s body for wounds or various rashes. They should not be.
  • Feel and remove all the tangles on the pet’s hair. It’s possible make a special koltunorezom.
  • Wash and dry the coat. Use such combs on wet hair are strictly prohibited.
  • Comb out the wool only by its growth. Do not do it hurry and push on the tool.
  • Gently remove hair from the abdomen, legs and genitals animal. Haste and carelessness can be harmful.

Furminator for cats

It is necessary to carefully use the furminator, conducting them in growth, and not against wool

How often do you need to use a furminator

Veterinarians and groomers recommend the use of tools for haircuts and combing two to three times a month, in autumn and spring period. This is explained by the fact that at the indicated times of the year, molt strengthens and you need to remove wool as much as possible.

In summer, it is recommended that you use the carbs no more than once per a month and a half. The sharpened molting period subsides, but the pet is all the prevention and removal of wool residues is needed – this will facilitate the hottest summer days.

In winter, it can be a one-time preventive action in early winter. If you have a short-haired pet, without obvious signs of molting, then veterinarians do not recommend using Furminator more than 8 times a year.

What is the importance of using the host? Reviews and statistics

Cat life and your home comfort will improve with the advent of tool for combing. Studies have shown that he helps:

  • Reduce the amount of pet hair falling out to 94%
  • Improve the appearance of the coat
  • Do not injure live hairs in animal hair by gently removing dead
  • Provide salon care for the cat at home.

Now let’s talk about examples of using the device on specific breeds.

Furminator for British cats is just as necessary to maintain a beautiful appearance, like a tea room ceremony for residents of the same country.

The British are considered the most clean breed of cats. For cleaning they spend much more time on their wool than the rest domestic feline representatives. But still, this “plush cats “without the help of the owner can not do.

Using a furminator will greatly facilitate their life and will bring a lot of pleasure, since the British just love these procedures.

Furminator for cats

British Shorthair

Another lovers of “scratching the back” are the scots. Varieties of such combs, for Scottish cats will become an indispensable assistant in their combing and game, and spending time with them will no longer burden the owners by the presence of their wool on clothes.

Furminator for cats

Fold Scottish Fold kitten

What breeds of cats are not suitable for the furminator

This comb cannot be used for some cat breeds, since they have no undercoat. These include:

  • La Permian breeds;
  • Devon Rex;
  • Turkish Angora;
  • Peterbald and Don sphinx;
  • Cats of Singapore breed;
  • Oriental;
  • Burmese cats;
  • Cornish Rex and Tiffany.

Furminator for cats

Cornish Rex, use of this breed is prohibited host

Prices for the host and analogues

The exact cost of cat brushes can be found only in the period purchases. The price depends on the brand of the manufacturer, the size of the furminator and manufactured material. Normal comb-trimmer can buy starting at a price of 700 rubles.

The original model of the furminator will cost more, reckon It should be in the amount of 950 rubles. The most expensive models will be the news of 2016, with a modern design and all possible functions, their cost varies within 2100 rubles.

“The more expensive, the better” – does not work with these products, so as the basic qualities and reliability of performance for all devices are the same, only additional functions, design and ergonomics.

Important! Be sure to follow all instructions for use. furminator for cats.

It is worth to familiarize yourself with the list of breeds for which the use of this gadget is prohibited, read reviews of others users, groomers and veterinarians who used previously a similar model of the chosen furminator.

Furminator for cats: An indispensable gadget for grooming and home care

Furminator for cats – a convenient device that allows get rid of unnecessary cat hair during molting.

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