From under the wheels they saved a kitten and a dove: video

Animals and even birds often become victims traffic accidents. On hot days on hot car-laden tracks such cases occur, alas, often enough.

Weekday, the sun at noon zenith, on the highway in Novoaltaysk dense streams of cars are rushing. Suddenly one of the cars is risky brakes literally a dozen centimeters from a tiny gray a kitten somehow caught in the middle of the road.

At the same minute, on the other side of the track, it also stops car: a driver jumps out of it, tacking in the auto flow, runs up to a kitten, stupid, picks it up and returns.

Kitten on the road

The first car continues to move, but in a minute again slows down – now the driver has to go out to drive away with Roads of a heat-pigeon dove. “Are you kidding me?” – hardly manages to pronounce a surprised man. What kind of frames are not fall on auto-recorders …

Video: rescue on the road

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