Fox in the window of a high-rise building

Looking into other people’s windows is not good, but sometimes informative. AT Passersby noticed the Oktyabrsky district of Novosibirsk in the window The multi-storey building has an unusual tenant – a red fox.

In local groups of social networks a heated discussion broke out: is it permissible or not to keep a wild animal in an ordinary city apartment. Finally, knowledgeable people were drawn to the discussion and clarified the situation.

It turns out that in a gray panel high-rise building a really long time ago the fox lives – absolutely manual, one and a half year old. To their own she got the owners a little fox, at 2.5 months: had pick up the baby from friends who found him in the forest, but could not give a fret.

They walk with a pet on a leash – twice a day, as with a dog. The fox is very attached to its owners and does not show to people either fear, nor aggression, willingly gives himself to stroke the children. Unlikely whether such an animal can survive in the forest where it is offered let out many zoodefenders.

The fox looks out the window

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