Four calves put on the wanted list and returned mistress: video

In the Sudan police department of the Kursk region an elderly woman with a statement about the loss of four calves of a valuable breed Montbellard. The hostess thought that her pets were abducted.

The police promptly drove to the scene and began to search. The story turned out to be completely non-criminal, and it ended safely. The calves were found approximately three kilometers away. from home: the kids just went for a walk and got lost.

Spotted calves

Their owners, pensioners Lyubov Mikhailovna, are on rearing ten calves. Those who are older graze on a leash, and the smallest woman regrets and lets go for free. But this time, the nonsense went too far, wandered into the wind and they couldn’t get out of it on their own.

Video: how police calves searched

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