Fosprenil for cats

Unfortunately, neither vaccinations, nor vigilant master control and good care is not able to completely protect the animal from diseases. The drug “Fosprenil” for cats produced by Moscow Micro-Plus company is called to help the body purr fight with all kinds of viruses. Let’s consider in more detail the properties of the tool “Fosprenil”, its composition, indications for use.

What is Fosprenil and for what purpose is it used?

Fosprenil – transparent, almost colorless injection solution in glass bottles. His main active substance – disodium salt of polyprenol phosphates, harvested from needles. Excipients – glycerin, ethanol, water, tween-80 (stabilizer). The main tasks of the drug “Fosprenil” for cats – treatment and prevention of viral diseases, increase the level of immunity of the body, help with inflammatory processes of a different nature. In addition, instructions for use the drug states that “Fosprenil” has the functions of a hepatoprotector, protecting the liver, and a detoxifier responsible for the removal of toxins from the liver, gastrointestinal tract, kidneys of cats. The medication is successfully used in cat nurseries during epidemics, before exhibitions, viscous. Fosprenil stimulates the proper growth and development of kittens. The manufacturer states that the drug should be used when paramyxovirus, herpes virus, togavirus, orthomyxovirus, coronavirus infections. The main diseases in which Fosprenil feline veterinary medicine has been successfully used:

  • Panleukopenia;
  • Rhinotracheitis;
  • Calcivirosis;
  • Feline flu;
  • Herpes infections;
  • Infectious colitis and enteritis;
  • Peritonitis;
  • Food poisoning;
  • Gastrointestinal diseases of unknown etiology and other ailments.

Features of the use of the drug

  1. “Fosprenil” is valid for all age groups of cats;
  2. The drug can be combined with symptomatic medications. (for example, painkillers) prescribed by a veterinarian;
  3. Starting treatment with Fosprenil, it is not recommended to deviate from schedule prescribed by a doctor. Otherwise, the treatment effect may be reduced;
  4. “Fosprenil” is not recommended to be taken simultaneously with steroid drugs (the effectiveness of “Fosprenil” decreases);
  5. Sometimes the drug can cause allergies (should be discontinued taking medication and consult a veterinarian);
  6. The correct dosage and duration of treatment is determined by the veterinarian. Manufacturer’s instructions summarize regarding doses and duration of treatment;
  7. The medication should not be frozen. Shelf life is 12 months.

Methods of using the drug Fosprenil

The manufacturer indicates that the sooner treatment begins Fosprenil, the better the result. Usually for the purpose of treatment 5-7 days daily use for viral infections medication, and for the prevention of viral diseases “Fosprenil” apply 1 time in 3 days. In this case, the maximum daily the dose for kittens is not more than 1.2 ml per 1 kg of weight, for adult cats – not more than 0.8 ml per 1 kg of weight. An exception make up only those cases when the disease in a cat proceeds in especially severe form: in these cases, an increase in daily allowance is permissible doses of the medicine several times (in agreement with the veterinarian). The end of treatment in these cases occurs when the animal is actually great. Phosprenil is administered to cats as follows way:

  • Intramuscularly;
  • Intravenously;
  • Subcutaneously;
  • Orally;
  • Rectally;
  • If necessary, wash the patient’s eyes and nose animal.

At home, Fosprenil is usually given orally to an animal, in this case, the dose of the medicine can be doubled (with necessary). But not every cat “agrees” so that the medicine is poured into her mouth (although Fosprenil does not have pronounced taste). Because often the owners of tailed where to inject the cat “Fosprenil” intramuscularly or subcutaneously. Usually an intramuscular injection is done in the thigh area, less often – in the shoulder area, introducing a syringe no more than 1 cm. Subcutaneous injection is permissible to do to the withers and knee fold. Moreover, inexperienced owners are desirable do just a subcutaneous injection. And intravenous administration leave to the professional.

Cat owners reviews on Fosprenil

The vast majority of reviews of the domestic drug Fosprenil in owners of baleen pets is positive. Further some quotes from reviews of people who purchased this medicine: Review No. 1: “The cat was suspected distemper: there was vomiting, refused food, did not allow to touch to the tummy. And all this soon after mating with someone else’s cat. Like me scared! Ok, our doctor advised among other medicines “Fosprenil”, although the diagnosis was not confirmed (Murka was poisoned simply). After a few days, the cat felt better. And I believe that it was Fosprenil that helped us … “. Response No. 2:” Fosprenil “to me the hostess of the nursery advised, where I bought my Persian Peach. I appreciate it for its effectiveness in the fight against viruses, the ability maintain immunity cat at a height and relatively low price … “. Review No. 3:” I give “Fosprenil” with my “Gamavit” cats are already 1.5 years old and I don’t know the troubles. It used to be a cold, then a virus picked up. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not, but for a long time my pets not sick (I have a 3-year-old nobleman Barsik and a 5-year-old Siberian Yashka). By the way, the veterinarian praised our product as good domestic immunomodulator … ”

Fosprenil Cost

Depending on the packaging, the price of Fosprenil may vary as follows (data for September 2017):

  • “Fosprenil” ampoule with a volume of 50 ml – cost from 700 to 950 rubles;
  • “Fosprenil” ampoule with a volume of 10 ml – the cost is from 140 to 250 rubles (small ampoules of 10 ml are sold individually or 5 ampoules in a cardboard box).

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