Football excitement affected animals

Salamich, Messi and Russia – that’s now the name of domestic and wild animals in Petersburg. The euphoria of the mundial, which is now taking place in big cities throughout Russia, has grown to such an extent that top names football fans want to perpetuate alive creatures.

By the way, the animals themselves are also not aloof from football. For example, camel Salamych, born in St. Petersburg “Shelter of Snow White”, passionate fan of ball games. According to the zoo staff, who gave the animal a nickname, he watches every match World Cup. “He did not miss a single one!” – confirmed Shelter workers.

The name of the animal was given for the fact that “this is a spitting trainer our team. “According to the director of the zoo Gennady Netyonkin, employees and visitors believe that both Salamis (and camel, and with Stanislav Cherchessov) everything will turn out very well.

Two more wild animals were awarded, perhaps, the most proud names. Russia and the Champion – the so-called twin teddy bears, who brought from Altai to the Petersburg rehabilitation center. Head of center reported that they would be released into the wild immediately upon completion Championship, at the end of July.

Since Peter is also a cat city, football nicknames every second representative of the purring family receives it. For example, in kotokafe “Republic of cats” now live Messi, Suarez, Costa and Chernysh.

About how to choose a name for a kitten, will tell articlehttps: //

Thus, the football holiday will remain in St. Petersburg for a long time. He will meow, growl and spit. And do not bring less joy to people than goals scored by our team!

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