Felix cat food: review and reviews

Felix Cat Food Overview

A cheerful and carefree black and white cat from the Felix feed advertisement (and along with him the producers of this food) promises all cats, those who prefer these foods, health, activity and longevity. Let’s find out if your favorite pets will be as cheerful and fun. when using this food, as the advertisement promises. Wet and dry Felix brand feeds are manufactured by world-famous Purina, producing food for dogs and cats for many years. This company that produces products for animals, like a number of other major leaders from the same area (Spillers, Friskies) in its time was acquired by the powerful company Nestle (Switzerland), which made food even more affordable for buyers all over the world. Purina owns 8 product brands for cats, including Felix food, which has gained popularity in Of Russia. Consider the quality of this product, its composition, positive and negative aspects. Felix feed producers offer the buyer to choose between wet foods, produced in batches of 85 g and dry feed, in small packages of 20 g. The largest assortment of wet feed, which divided into 3 types: Felix Sensations in an amazing sauce (this is wet food with beef, poultry and fish with vegetables in sauce), Felix Sensations with jelly (feed with beef, poultry and fish with vegetables in jelly) and Felix appetizing slices (feed with meat, liver, fish and poultry in combination with vegetables and without them, in jelly). Dry Felix Party mix feeds include 4 flavor combinations: cheese mix (combines 3 types of cheese), sea mix (taste of cod, salmon and trout), grilled mix (taste of beef, salmon and chicken) and the original mix (chicken, liver and turkey).

The price of Felix cat food

You can buy Felix dry and wet food for cats at such prices * :

  • Wet food Felix double flavor turkey and liver 85 g – about 23.90 rubles
  • Dry food Felix Party Mix Grill Mix for cats 60 g – about 61 rub

* – current status as of June 2016

Composition of cat food “Felix”

Consider the composition of wet food Felix on the example of Felix Sensations with beef and tomatoes in jelly: meat (4%) and meat processing product (15%), vegetable protein extract, fish and fish offal, tomatoes (4%), vitamins, dyes, minerals (zinc, iron, iodine, manganese) and sugar. The product contains vitamins D, E, A. See also: composition of feed for cats AkanIn the composition of Felix Appetizing pieces (with trout) similar to the above ingredients: fish – 4% and its processed products, meat and products meat processing – 17%. The content of vitamins and minerals in the food is similar. If you consider the dry food Felix Party mix (marine mix), the ingredients in the composition are: meat, fish and their processed products, cereals, fats, oils, vegetable protein, yeast, dyes, preservatives, vitamins, antioxidants.

Cons of cat food “Felix”

The good news is that the manufacturer honestly indicates dyes and preservatives, but for animal health it’s significant negative indicator. In addition, as part of there are products of meat and fish processing, but the buyer does not it is clear what exactly is included in such products (sometimes the owners animals worry that such products include bones, feathers poultry, production waste, in a word). Indicated in the composition dry food cereals also leave questions. What kind of cereals are these, how much is contained in the feed (this is especially relevant a survey when a cat is allergic to certain types of cereals). The composition of the feed Felix suggests that if the cat has problems with health, it is worth consulting with a specialist, suitable whether such animal feed. Special feed for sterilized cats, for animals with digestive problems in the feed line Felix does not exist. So a large assortment is due only to a variety of flavors, but not the great benefits of the product. BUT the attractive appearance and smell of the contents of the food packaging is not says that this is real meat, since the meat is there very little.

Pluses of cat food “Felix”

The good side of these feeds is a large assortment, there are wet feed in jelly, eat in sauce. It is sold in most supermarkets and stores selling pet products. Price at this is slightly higher than the economy-class feed, but the difference in cost Felix and, for example, Whiskas are negligible. Regarding composition it can be noted that the meat in the feed Felix really contained, but its amount is small – about 4%, the rest of the meat components accounted for by-products and processed meat products. Some wet foods contain vegetables. (carrots, tomatoes, spinach, etc.), which makes the food useful for cat digestion and brings vitamins and healthy substances. The positive side of Felix dry food can be called light package weight, that is, you can diversify the menu animal, opening a new package with a new taste every day. Small packages do not allow the feed to weather or damp, whereas feeds in large packages sometimes lose their smell, pellets become softened.

Reviews about cat food “Felix”

You can find different reviews about Felix feeds. Most often him compare with feeds like Whiskas or Friskies. Ingredients in these feeds are really very similar. And the amount of meat also matches – 4% each. So Felix brand food is considered as economy class product. But many cat owners (like their pets) Felix is ​​quite happy. In favor of cat food Felix left her review Catherine: “Buying a cat Felix, eats it with pleasure. It’s clear that there is feed and more high quality, but the price is much higher. In our store Felix’s bag costs about 22-25 rubles, which for me is quite acceptable. The cat looks healthy, there were no stomach problems and not. He loves him very much, if I buy other food, then he eats much worse, without appetite. Maybe it’s in the additives, but for 3 years feeding Felix, I did not find its side harmful effect on the cat. I will continue to buy it … “. The opposite review about Felix cat food from Raisa: “Felix feed looks, Of course, very appetizing. And the cat, he is delighted, but me it is not happy at all. I used to feed the cat with more expensive feeds, but now I have no opportunity to buy them. Began to acquire Felix. My raised cat began to absorb him with such as if I hadn’t eaten for a month. If you used to sit calmly and waited until I fed him, now I began to arrange concerts, among nights too. At first I was happy, I thought that the food was so good and tasty, so the cat loved him. I read a lot about Felix feed. Complain about it because of any preservatives and additives that cause addictive. So it’s not just me. The cat is fat, there is asks twice as often. I will transfer to another feed. By the way there is little meat, but what about the rest? Soy? “.

Should I Buy Felix Cat Food?

It is suspicious that cats have this food taste, and the owners are rarely impressive. Do they contain the harmful components that are addictive are unknown. Perhaps if the cat owner has the time and opportunity prepare natural food for your pet, from buying Felix feed you can and refuse. In case funds allow to purchase expensive food, which contains 30-40% of meat and is not contained preservatives and dyes, Felix food is not the best option. But if the ability to purchase premium feed from the owner of the animal no, then Felix is ​​not the worst option. In his favor says that that there is meat and offal, cats love it (who knows, suddenly It’s not at all about harmful dyes, taste enhancers)? Unequivocal The disadvantages of this food are preservatives and dyes, which the manufacturer honestly informed the buyer. If a consider the ratio of price and quality of the product, then everything is in normal. Affordable price for Felix products and the same composition, where there is good (meat) and harm (additives).

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