Feline Republic – tashirojima island

There is an island in Japan where the number of cats is tens of times exceeds the number of people. Animals brought here to catch mice, and they took power in their paws. Everything is possible for cats, people only exist beside.

Near the city of Sendai in northeast Japan is the tiny island of tashirojima.

Tashirojima IslandCat Islandboat on the islandcat on a scooterthe street of the village on the island of Tashirojima

There are only 2 villages on this island: Odomari and Nitoda, and the population about 100 residents, most of whom are elderly. Maybe, gradually only cats will remain on Tashirojima.

island of catsCats on the islandcats

From 17 to 19 centuries, silkworms were bred on the island for silk production, cats were kept to protect silkworms from rodents and fed leftover fish.


Later, the inhabitants of the island began to actively engage in fishing, cats got a lot of fresh fish.

Cats and Fishermencats and fishing netscats and the seaCats are waiting for a fishfishingthe cat is restingBounceCats at a meal

Fishermen respected cats and believed that they could predict the weather.

cat by the seaisland of catscat on the beach

Once, while unraveling the nets, the fishermen hit a large rock, who killed one of the cats. Then the inhabitants buried her on this island and put a monument to her.

Since then, the love and respect for cats on this island has become tradition. And the island residents and tourists began to call more often as “Cat Island” или “Остров небесных кошек”.

Cats at homeCats at homeGood luck catGood luck catCat with kittensCat with kittensFluffy catFluffy cat

Now the island has a large population of homeless people cats that thrive as a result of local belief that feeding cats will bring wealth and good fortune, and therefore cats to Tashirojima considered as kings.

Cats on TashirojimaCats on TashirojimacatscatsGreeting the catGreeting the catCatsCatsThe cat jumps on the boatThe cat jumps on the boat

Every year, thousands of tourists flock to this small island, to visit wild cats.

tourists and catstourists and catscats on the streets of Tashirojimacats on the streets of TashirojimaCatsCatsFelineFelineTourists with catsTourists with cats

For the safety of the feline residents of Tashirojima on the island now dogs are practically forbidden.

CatsCatsCatsCatsCat IslandОстров кошек

Cottages for tourists in the form of cats are now built on the island, as well as cat temples.

cat templecat templecat temple on the islandcat temple on the islandcat shaped housecat shaped househouse in the form of a cathouse in the form of a catHouse in the shape of a catHouse in the shape of a catcatcattalismanstalismanscat figurinescat figurinesOn a walkOn a walk

Animals are practically left to their own devices – we have such considered homeless. But the Japanese prefer to think that the island itself is home to cats. And this is true, because its inhabitants, believe that feeding cats provides them luck and wealth, therefore, animals are always healthy and well fed.

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