Feed Perfect Fit – Balanced Diet pet

Food Perfect Fit

Perfect Fit food for all cat breeds – these are high-quality nutrient mixtures.

The company produces both dry and wet feed for animals.

Communication with your favorite pet for a modern person becomes anti-stress moment to forget about problems and crisis.

A small lump of happiness becomes an alternative sedatives and visits to a psychoanalyst.

For this attitude, the owner wants to thank his favorite.

In particular, he buys Perfect Fit products.

Food Perfect Fit

Wet food will surely like pussies

In addition to care and affection, an important problem is becoming proper nutrition of a furry friend to an animal remained active and healthy.

You also need to consider that when eating a castrated pet you need to take into account the characteristics of the body after operations.

Producers relentlessly fill the market with new cat food and this makes it difficult to choose the type of food suitable for the pet.

One of the most bought in our country was products Mars, Inc. Perfect Fit cat food.

Its popularity lies in the variety and composition of the feed.


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  • 2 Composition
  • 3 Pros and Cons
  • 4 Specifics
  • 5 reviews
  • 6 Conclusions

Feed Overview

Mars produces all kinds of cat diets, including dry and wet.

Dry feeds from this company take into account the characteristics of cats of all ages and breeds.

For this company, reviews of veterinarians play an important role, they I help determine what class the feed should appear as follows.

Food Perfect Fit

The right choice of food affects the nature of pets

The company’s dry diet consists of:

  • Junior (for kittens)
  • In-form, Hair & Beauty (for pets with long hair)
  • Senior (for cats aged)
  • Active (for active regular adult cats)
  • Sterile (for sterilized pets)
  • In-home (for animals that do not leave home)
  • Sensitive (for cats with digestive and other diseases are present)

All dry feeds are offered in convenient packaging for daytime, weekly and monthly diet (190 g, 750 g, 1200 g respectively).

Wet food is offered in a package of 85 g.

The manufacturer indicates that in all dry diets there is no aromatizers, preservatives and harmful dyes, which is important for health pussies.

The manufacturer takes into account the characteristics of cats when it creates a certain type of cat food.

For pregnant women as well as animals after delivery, also in the assortment of the manufacturer separate type of food.


Feed composition can be considered based on Sensitive with chicken.

This type of dry food is intended for particularly demanding animals.

The feed contains dehydrated chicken protein (at least 24%) and other animal proteins.

Also included:

  • animal fat;
  • corn flour;
  • corn gluten;
  • dried beets;
  • rice protein;
  • rice
  • soy flour;
  • vitamins;
  • flour of calendula flowers;
  • minerals;
  • corn;
  • yeast;
  • salt.

Food Perfect Fit

Sensitive with chicken for pets with sensitive digestion

Important! Before buying any feed, you need to carefully study its composition. If in it there is at least one incomprehensible ingredient or allergen for your cats, you should refuse to buy, even if the price seductive.

The composition of wet feed can be considered based on feed for Kittens – Junior Chicken Stew.

The composition of the feed for little pets includes:

  • meat (at the same time, chicken meat in the feed is at least 20%);
  • different offal;
  • vegetable oil;
  • vitamins;
  • cereals;
  • taurine;
  • minerals.

All Perfect Fit products, without exception, include:

  • salt;
  • corn.

Also, regardless of what class the feed is produced, it enriched with:

  • groups of vitamins (with essential vitamins A, C, D, E);
  • minerals: calcium, zinc, phosphorus, copper, iron, etc.

Food Perfect Fit

Junior stew with chicken ensures the health of the kitten

Binding proteins, fats, carbohydrates in feeds. Perfect Fit for cats are in the ratio in which they are needed for a certain age of the animal or its breed.

If you find it difficult to choose food for your pet, what you need to take into account the reviews of veterinarians on this issue or contact round-the-clock veterinary clinic.

Advantages and disadvantages

As in your favorite pet diet, the main disadvantage Perfect Fit products become their composition.

The producer adds salt to everything dry in wet feed, and this component is harmful to the health of the animal.

Salt causes many diseases, including illness liver, stomach, kidneys.

According to veterinarians, salt is sufficient in ordinary natural ingredients so that the animal does not feel lack of this important ingredient.

In addition to salt, the harmful components of the food Perfect Fit for cats becomes corn gluten and corn itself.

These ingredients can become allergens, especially for sterilized pets.

The presence of yeast in the composition may cause some pets bloating and indigestion.

In particular, diarrhea in dogs can also cause these ingredients.

The meat in the dry feed of this manufacturer is in dried (dehydrogenated) form.

Food Perfect Fit

It is better to feed a cat prone to fullness with a special feed

In addition to meat, other offal is added to the feed, while the manufacturer does not indicate which ones.

Owners need to know that in many cats, chicken meat can be allergic, and chicken meat in feed Perfect Fit is found in almost all items.

Despite the manufacturer’s promises, feed composition is hardly possible call good.

Advice! Veterinarians insist that It is better to feed your pet with natural food. Accustom to the diet needs to be immediately, as well as to the toilet.

The second minus of the feed, regardless of what class it is, becomes price.

The manufacturer positions its Perfect Fit feed as a ration premium, respectively, the price of it, like that of a similar product categories.

Nevertheless, it can be said that the price for the Perfect Fit feed composition unreasonably overpriced.

Food Perfect Fit

Waiting for your favorite food

The main advantage is the variety of assortment.

Food from this manufacturer can be selected for any breed cats, for kittens, for elderly animals, for sterilized pet.

How to determine the age of a kitten is described in articlehttps: //kot-pes.com/kak-opredelit-vozrast-kotyonka/

The opportunity to purchase dry or wet food also pleases buyers, as well as the opportunity to buy a separate portion at a convenient the price.

A wealth of assortment, the presence of dry and wet food in almost every supermarket and pet store allows you to choose feed and alternate products from this company.

The manufacturer promises that Perfect Fit cat food will make fluffy pet active and healthy.

Natural fiber from the feed will bring natural by wool from the body of the pet.

When eating food, the cat’s weight normalizes, which is important for sterilized animals.

You can read more about cat sterilization in articlehttps: //kot-pes.com/vse-samoe-vazhnoe-o-sterilizacii-koshek/

Due to the balance of feed minerals, Perfet Fit will allow cat to deal with urolithiasis.

According to veterinarians, balance is important nuance of nutrition, so that the cat quickly coped with the disease.

In this case, the cat will have good eyesight and she will have healthy heart.

Such promises are made by the manufacturer.

Food Perfect Fit

Proper nutrition is an important element in pet health


Perfect Fit feeds are designed for all ages and breeds, including:

  • Savannah
  • Kurilian Bobtail
  • Britons
  • Munchkin
  • Burmese cats
  • Russian blue cats
  • The Nibelungen
  • Maine Coon

Separate groups of wet and dry feeds are intended for digestion-sensitive pets, and the company also produces special food for kittens.

Food Perfect Fit

For each age, it is worth choosing your own food Perfect Fit


User reviews about feeds Perfect Fit mixed:

Boris, Moscow. “I have two furry friends. I I try to feed them with natural food. Dry cat food is not I really trust, because they can put anything there. Wet feed may contain sprats instead of expensive fish. But I was attracted to the action at the pet store, and I decided to buy the Perfect Fit wet food, designed for kittens. I did not like his smell of wet feed and cats ate it reluctantly. I read the composition. Knocked there it seems something natural there and there is nothing. Looked for reviews and I realized that I’m not going to buy wet food anymore. ”

Zhanna, Saratov. “I’m already 4 seals years I feed exclusively with Perfect Vit food for cats. To me it’s not clear why they scold him. My cat, angorchik active, wool looks great. The cat eats with pleasure, problems with no health. It is immediately noticeable that the pet is healthy. Can this food is not super in composition, but I will only continue it buy, my cat likes him. ”

Food Perfect Fit

Many cats enjoy eating Perfect Fit food.


The manufacturer indicates the merits of its products.

But the cat is a predator, and her favorite food is meat, and as part of Perfect Fit feed has few meat ingredients.

The composition of a lot of dubious components.

The manufacturer on the site indicates that all cat food produced at German enterprises, and goods on our shelves stores on their labels contain a record that they are made at the enterprises of Russia.

The price of food of this class is unreasonably high.

If the owner is looking for a diet high in meat, then he should pay attention to products of other manufacturers.

Feed Perfect Fit for cats can be dangerous for animals, prone to allergies and gastrointestinal problems, which are often encountered owners of sterilized animals.

Nevertheless, such dry and wet food can be used for variety of pet diet.

And as the main cat food it is better to choose another option.

Perfect Fit food – a balanced pet diet

Overview Feed Perfect Fit for all breeds of cats. Composition, reviews owners, veterinarian reviews, the pros and cons of dry and wet diet.

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