Fancy pets in a city apartment

Alyona has a love for animals since childhood, from her parents. how many the girl remembers herself, lovely pets always lived in the house, sometimes quite unusual.

She took her first little squirrel from the boys, ravaged the nest. The forest begins immediately after her native Sosnovoborsky, and the proteins here are perceived just as naturally like cats.

Little squirrels are perfectly tamed, respond to their name, get along with other pets. One trouble – while the kids teeth grow, they gnaw everything that only catches the eye. BUT keep animals in the cages in the family are not used to. All squirrels called the same – Fomka; it has already become a tradition.

Squirrel Fomka

Now in their apartment is growing the third such rodent. Alyonin dad picked up this little squirrel, terribly frightened, right in his own porch – probably they drove him there are dogs. Forest guest is used to people and doesn’t return to the forest wants. Fomka-3 loves nuts and cucumbers, but so far it’s a little wild – with does not communicate with two domestic cats and a dog. And Alena lives a couple of funny meerkats – but that’s a completely different story.

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