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Those owners who once encountered dog treatment skin diseases, know how hard it is to quickly help your pets relieve itching. Constantly itchy body – a punishment even for the most patient dog. Indeed, the animal gnaws intensely and combing himself, eating poorly, losing sleep and interest in games. In dogs suffering from eczema and dermatitis, low immunity, often exhaustion and painful appearance. Is there a remedy that is already after several uses it can help the dog by reducing itching and protecting her from losing health? It turns out that there is such a drug – these are sugar cubes “Execan” of the French company “Seva Sante Animal. ”

What is Exekan?

“Exekan” – wet white sugar cubes with a peculiar smell, impregnated with medicinal components. The weight of each cube is 8 g, the number of such cubes in the package is 16 pieces (8 pieces each 2 blisters). Among the active substances “Execan” contains such Components:

  • Dexamethasone is a glucocorticosteroid with anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and anti-toxic actions. Included in veterinary medicines intended for the treatment of skin diseases of non-parasitic nature;
  • Vitamin PP – nicotinic acid, the lack of which worsens the condition of the skin of the dog (peeling, redness, itching). Vitamin PP preparations are used for vitamin deficiencies and dermatitis;
  • Vitamin B6 – pyrodoxin. Participates in fat metabolism, improves the condition of the nervous and reproductive systems. Dogs, those lacking B6 often suffer from dermatitis and anemia
  • Methionine – an amino acid that performs the function hepatoprotector. It has a detoxifying effect.

When do dogs need Exekana?

Apply “Ekekan” (which reflects the instructions for use) with eczema and dermatitis of an inflammatory and allergic nature in chronic or acute stage, when ailments are accompanied by severe itching. Therefore, the desired dose of the drug can be given to the animal, if a:

  • There is dermatitis caused by drug contact mechanical or allergic effects;
  • Eczema caused by injuries was diagnosed. neurotic disorder, allergic to external or internal irritants.

With the aforementioned ailments, in addition to itching in the animal, watch:

  • A large number of wounds on the body;
  • Change in skin color (graying, redness);
  • Peeling of the skin;
  • A slight increase in body temperature;
  • Restless behavior (intermittent sleep, nervous state during walking time, etc.).

It is worth noting that this veterinary drug is used for non-infectious and non-parasitic diseases. But only after consultation with a specialist.

How and in what doses to give Exekan to a dog?

Usually home doggie favors rectangular pieces of the preparation “Exekan”, taking them for a sweet goodness. Then have the right amount of medicine you can give animal right from the palm of your hand. Another option is to crumble the right the amount of the drug in the feed or mix with water. make a mistake with the dose, the dog should be weighed first. When the mass the animal will be known, it will be possible to calculate the dosage. So, in the first 4 days of treatment the dog will have to give so much Execana:

  • Dog weight 1-5 kg ​​- 0.5 pcs.
  • Dog weight 5-15 kg – 1 pc.
  • Dog weight 15-30 kg – 1.5 pcs.
  • Dog weight over 30 kg – 2 pcs.

In the next 4 days, the amount of the drug is halved. TO For example, a dog weighing 10 kg is first injected with 1 cube of “Execan” in for 4 days. Then the dose is reduced by introducing 0.5 cubes to the dog medicines.

What should a dog owner know before taking Exekana?

“Ekzekan” is not a dog’s delicacy at all, but a serious medicine. Therefore, you should know the features the drug, which is reported by the instruction:

  • The cubes are stored in intact blisters for 48 months with production date at a temperature of 10-25 degrees;
  • It is not recommended to administer the drug to pregnant bitches, dogs any age with diabetes; sick with viral infections
  • The drug can be taken not only to dogs, but also to others to domestic friends – cats whose weight is more than 1 kg;
  • In some pets, it may happen after taking the pill. stomach upset.

Opinions of dog owners about the preparation “Exekan”

Having studied customer reviews of Execan dice from the Web, we can distinguish The following positive qualities of the drug:

  • Convenient form of release (it’s easier for dogs to swallow the medicine, reminiscent of refined sugar, rather than a bitter tablet);
  • The speed of exposure to the animal (after the first or second taking Exekan in dogs, itching is significantly reduced);
  • The absence of serious side effects (from the drug in some animals have vomiting but severe consequences after the use of “Execan”, as a rule, does not occur).

If we talk about the shortcomings, we can distinguish the following:

  • “Exekan” for dogs is a hormonal drug that in in some cases may have an adverse effect on state of the muscular and skeletal systems, pancreas;
  • Strong specific aroma of the drug (some animals confuses this smell, which is why you have to enter “Exekan” against will);
  • Cost (it can’t be called sky-high, but for large dogs, which require 2 cubes of the drug daily, treatment may “fly a pretty penny”).

Now imagine some feedback on sugar slices “Exekan”: Review number 1: “Rick (pit bull) suddenly appeared terrible skin allergy: itching, body prokusy, inflammation. It turned out that the reaction provoked a new shampoo. Doctor recommended “Ekzekan”, 1.5 pieces each. Particularly pleased with the form release, because my comrade does not swallow any pills. And then he immediately ate sugar! The effect appeared after the second application (the dog has become less likely to itch and nibble itself), and the skin condition improved already on the fifth day of use “; Review No. 2: “I think that Exekan is effective, but quite serious means. My Yuna had vomiting after these sweet pills (twice) and diarrhea (three days tormented). The vet explained that it’s hard for dogs with a problem pancreas (in Yuna’s there was pancreatitis in due time) “; Review No. 3:” Pieces of medicine Exekan is quickly eaten by a dog (even asks for supplements, wagging tail). The tool quickly starts acting, so mine the pet after him sleeps quietly, not waking up to scratch body irritated by eczema. And I didn’t notice any side effects. ”

The cost of the medicine for itching “Exekan”

The minimum price of 16 Execan cubes is 750 rubles, with In some pet stores and veterinary pharmacies, this can be dispensed with. in the amount of about 1200 rubles. Sometimes you can buy a piece by piece, that is, the price of 1 cube can be from 47 to 75 rubles.

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