Excellent student of the feathered world – video where the parrot Richie speaks and sings

Small budgies are one of the most available both in distribution and in cost variety feathered pets. These are amazing birds, because they have considerable ability to reproduce sound. If you start engage with the chick from an early age and take good care of him, it is likely that his whole life will enjoy not only company, but also conversations and songs. Budgerigar abilities vary greatly from a particular individual, but are found and indeed startling specimens. Video where Richie the parrot sings and says clearly demonstrates the great potential of such pets.

You don’t usually expect something amazing from a video with parrots, maximum – a few phrases and a memorized conversation with the owner. But little richie with bright blue feathers really can to surprise. The video is not new, but there are fresh comments under it. Most viewers jokingly wonder how much memory lurks in such a small head.


Small budgies can also reproduce speech and sounds

In the cut, Richie sits on the shoulder or head of his master and gives him his whole vocabulary: “I am a tiger, eat you, am-am”, “burning helicopter trrr”, “let’s go eat, let’s go to sleep, let’s go to sing, let’s go for a walk “and a ton of other no less fun phrases. But the most the interesting thing begins at the end – Richie sings “I will leave to live in London,” “A bottle of kefir, half-bacon”, which finally wins hearts animal video lovers.

Video: Richie the parrot speaks and sings

Richie is a great example of hard work amazing results. In the video, a small budgie easily reproduces not only long phrases, but also excerpts from songs.

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