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It is unlikely that today you will meet a host who would not know about the need to vaccinate your pets. Hopes for perhaps a dog can cost not only health, but also life. But how choose a drug that will be most useful and harmless to a dog? One of the best vaccines these days called “Eurikan” for French-made dogs. Let’s try to figure out how to properly administer this drug to animals, as well as what are its features.

When is the Eurican vaccine required?

Under the Eurican series, as many as 4 vaccines are available. Consider each of them in more detail:

  1. “DHPPI2-L” – a drug that goes on sale in vials in the form of a dry mass containing strains of plague, adenovirus, parvovirus and parainfluenza, as well as fluid containing inactivated leptospira (i.e. 1 dose of the drug is in 2 bottles with liquid and dry substances). Therefore, such a vaccine “Eurikan” for dogs is used to develop immunity to leptospirosis, adenovirus, parainfluenza, parvovirus enteritis, chumke;
  2. “DHPPI2-LR” is a vaccine that, like the previous one, combines a dry mixture of strains of adenovirus, parainfluenza, plague, parvovirus and leptospira and glycoprotein fluids rabies. That is, in contrast to the “DHPPI2-L” vaccine “DHPPI2-LR” contributes to the development of immunity against rabies;
  3. “Piro” – a dry vaccine that comes with thinner. Helps save dogs from pyroplasmosis (babesiosis);
  4. “Primo” – a vaccine in the form of a liquid (suspension). Promotes immunity against parvovirus enteritis.

How and where to introduce Eurikan dogs?

The instruction from the Merial company states that the first of vaccines “Eurican” is acceptable to introduce “Primo” at the age of 4-6 weeks, she is revaccinated after 6 weeks and then re-injected the drug every year, and after every 2 years. The vaccine “DHPPI2-L” injected in 7-8 weeks, and then the time comes for “DHPPI2-LR”, which administered to doggies at 12 weeks and once a year. Piro vaccine apply puppies at the age of 5 months. Revaccination is carried out in 6 months and then once a year. The manufacturer offers such puppy vaccination schedule (required before introduction coordinate the vaccination schedule with the veterinarian and specify which one vaccines should be preferred, and which is better to refuse):

  1. In 2 months – “DHPPI2-L”;
  2. In 3 months – “DHPPI2-LR”;
  3. In 5 months. – “Piro”;
  4. At 6 months – “Piro” (revaccination);
  5. After 15 months and then annually one-time – “DHPPI2-LR”;
  6. After 18 months and then annually one-time – “Piro”.

Before vaccinating the dog, dry and liquid components “Eurikan” mix with each other, actively shaking. The vaccine Eurikan Primo is simply shaken, because it is already liquid. Then the animal is given a subcutaneous injection into the scapular region or intramuscular injection into the thigh area (“Primo” is injected subcutaneously in area of ​​the scapula). In the case of Eurikan Piro, the introduction is made subcutaneously to the withers. The injection site is recommended to be processed alcohol solution. If possible, it is advisable to conduct vaccination under the supervision of a doctor (or entrust him with an injection dog).

Features of the vaccines “Eurican”

To not only protect your puppy or adult pet from many dangerous diseases, but do not harm, should be considered those facts reported by the vaccine series Eurikan:

  1. The Pyro, DHPPI2-L and DHPPI2-LR vaccines are to be stored in for 2 years at a temperature of 2-8 degrees. The exception is Primo, since this drug is stored for 3 years;
  2. Doubtful vaccines (expired, discolored, stored at too low / high temperature) prick the dog strictly forbidden. Before disposing of the drug vials must be boiled for half an hour;
  3. Eurican Piro and Primo vaccines should be used immediately after opening, and “DHPPI2-L” and “DHPPI2-LR” should be entered the animal in the first half hour after opening the bottle;
  4. The drugs “Eurican” can not be administered to the sick and weakened to animals. At the same time, Eurikan Piro should not be pricked by dogs in period of pregnancy (at any time), but it is possible during lactation. “DHPPI2-L” and “DHPPI2-LR” can be entered in the first third pregnancy. Primo can be pricked pregnant and lactating bitches;
  5. 10 days before vaccines are given to dogs deworming;
  6. In some cases, dogs may experience a slight a tumor at the injection site (it passes by itself through day or two). Possible loss of appetite and lethargy. After “Eurikan Piro” in pets is an increase in body temperature and very rarely anaphylactic shock (this will require urgent treatment to the veterinarian);
  7. Regardless of the weight of the dog, its breed and gender, the vaccine is administered in the amount of 1 dose equal to 1 ml.

What do dog owners think of Eurican vaccines?

Here are some reviews of the owners who used to save their dogs of the Eurican vaccine: Review No. 1: “They brought in a Doberman puppy. Naturally, we decided to do all vaccinations to exclude contagious illnesses. The doctor recommended “Eurikan”. At the time of the injection, the puppy didn’t even he squeaked, but in the evening he looked bad: the temperature jumped, refused food, didn’t even want to drink, just lay sad. In the morning approached him, like a little mincemeat ate, even barked a couple of times, there was no temperature. That is, there were side effects, although short “; Review No. 2:” Previously stabbed the dog Hexadog, but the veterinarian suggested trying Eurikan same manufacturer. What can I say, a dog named Friend No I didn’t pick up infections for the whole year after vaccination (they did an injection “DHPPI2-LR”). So I have no doubt in efficiency. True to the injection site was a big bump of day 4, but then she passed “; Review No. 3:” I heard praise about Eurikane from friends with dogs. I decided to try my Max do this. I can not scold this drug because his comrades praise him, their dogs had no side effects. But to max the vaccine just doesn’t fit: refused to walk (a circle passed around the house and wandered to the porch), the nose was dry for a day, ate completely a little bit. Visually, the dog was not well. So what’s the deal the individual is suitable for one, but not for the other. ”

The cost of Eurican vaccines for dogs

The price of Eurican preparations is as follows (price for 1 dose):

  • “DHPPI2-L” – 270-350 rubles.
  • “DHPPI2-LR” – 450-550 rubles.
  • Piro – 2300-3000 rubles.
  • Primo – 250-300 rubles.

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