Dwarf dachshund (photo): boiling energy, courage and devotion

Dwarf dachshunds have a sharp mind, excellent character and endless devotion to the owner


Origin: Germany

Class: 4 group “Dachshunds”

Usage: burrow hunting, companion dog

Color: one-color: black, red, brown, white markings allowed; two-tone: dark with tan marks; tiger and marble with the main dark color.

Sizes: growth at the withers: from 14 to 21 cm, adult dog chest 30-35 cm; weight: up to 6 kg

Life span: 12-15 years

Dwarf dachshund belongs to those breeds of dogs, which do not go out of fashion for more than one hundred years.

Impressive, unusual appearance of the dog, attentive look smart eyes, incredibly energetic temperament attracted to dachshund hearts of animal lovers.

Selfless courage and hunting excitement do An excellent assistant to a hunter of a burrowing beast.

At home, this dog gets along well with children and blends in harmoniously into the life of any family – if the dog is given enough attention and affection.

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The long-haired dachshund of a beige color looks unusual, but at this is very spectacular


Dachshunds must be given some kind of toy to tear, otherwise the energy of the hunter will spread to shoes, clothes and small household items


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  • 2 Characteristics of Psychology
  • 3 Application
  • 4 How to choose a puppy
  • 5 Care features
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    • 5.2 Walk
    • 5.3 Nutrition
  • 6 Health
    • 6.1 Vaccinations
  • 7 Knit

Breed history

The history of the dachshund begins in Germany, in the Middle Ages.

The hunters sought to breed a strong, independent dog, able to take a cunning and fiercely resisting beast in close space burrows.

It is believed that the German breed was taken as the basis hounds – marriage.

Apparently, someone was interested in dogs, because of the genetic mutations born with chondrodystrophy syndrome.

With this mutation, the torso and head develop normally, and limbs remain short and do not grow in length.

A similar disease in humans is called dwarfism.

An abnormally sized dog was first bred, and then breeders have begun work on reducing the size of dogs.

A miniature dachshund gained an advantage in a cramped hole before his fellow normal size.

Such a dog will quickly become a man’s faithful and best friend.

Such a dog will quickly become a man’s faithful and best friend.

A large role in creating the breed was played by the German breeder F. Engelman.

Rock formation was largely completed by the end of XIX century.

In any case, the description of the dwarf dachshund of that time is quite fits modern dogs.

Character Psychology

The representative of this breed possesses all the qualities a true hunter: he is passionate, fearless, energetic and capable of making independent decisions.

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Otherwise, being underground, one on one with a badger or a fox, the dog could not cope with its functions.

But the expressed intelligence of the animal gives him another quality: these dogs can be extremely stubborn and masterful.

There is no way to do without serious training not allowed.

The dwarf dachshund is always interested in what moves - it seems to her the meaning of life

The dwarf dachshund is always interested in what moves – it seems to her this is the meaning of life

Dachshunds, like many other little dogs, owners need attention, they need communication, a game, joint walks and activities.

If the dog does not receive its share of care, attention and affection, have her character will burn thoroughly: deprived of attention pets are capable of petty dirty tricks, revengeful acts and often become aggressive.

A well-bred and socialized dog has a rarity balanced.


If the owners of the dachshund are not related to hunting and have a dog as a companion, they must provide the pet with long lasting walks.

Otherwise, the bustling energy of the dachshund will certainly find its way into tricks: flower beds in the garden will be destroyed, shoes nibbled, books torn.

The dwarf dachshund is primarily a hunting dog, ideally designed to work in the hole

A dwarf dachshund is primarily a hunting dog, ideally designed to work in a hole

Hunters appreciate the miniature dachshund for its fierce excitement and skill to cope even with a larger beast than this small dog.

In attack, the dachshund resembles a perfect projectile consisting of muscles and steel jaws with strong teeth.

But the hunt for the modern city dweller is becoming more and more exotic hobby, so dwarf dachshund is increasingly becoming just a devoted friend and a cheerful companion.

How to choose a puppy

Pedigree dogs can and should only be bought at specialized nurseries known in the circles of dog breeders and enjoying a good reputation.

This is the most reliable way to buy a really dachshund, not a cross between a wolf and a crocodile.

The breed standard allows the mating of animals belonging to different types in size – dwarf dachshund can be knitted with rabbit.

If you want a truly miniature dog, choose from those litters that were born to miniature parents.

Dachshund is an amazing interesting dog, it can behave very unpredictably.

Dachshund is an amazing interesting dog, it can behave quite unpredictable

The puppy should be cheerful, energetic, curious, easy to walk on contact and do not show severe fear.

Inspect the eyes and ears: they should be clean, odorless and any discharge.

The tummy should not be bloated. Wool free of dandruff and odor dogs.

First time a dachshund puppy needs a new home in increased attention and affection.

But this does not mean that you should drag him to your bed: if the dog will once settle on your bed, change it to you no longer succeed.

Do not confuse care with indulging whims.

Care Features


Dachshunds have three varieties of breed, differing quality and length of coat:

  • smooth hair, hair reminiscent of undercoat Italian greyhounds, the easiest to care for and maintain dwarf dachshund;
  • wire-haired, with longer and stiffer coat, with funny beard and mustache;
  • impressive, but the most demanding in care long-haired variety.

Puppies of a dwarf dachshund at a young age stubbornly know the world around them and thereby gnaw at anything they hit

Young dwarf dachshund puppies stubbornly know the world around and thereby nibble whatever hit

If you don’t have time to devote time to caring for your dog’s appearance, it is better to choose a smooth-haired dog.

For the care of long-haired and wire-haired dogs can need the services of a groomer, especially before exhibitions.

Long-haired dachshunds get dirty on walks, especially in wet weather.

Many owners prefer to put on overalls for the dog, to avoid pollution.


Dachshunds need to move, run, but not jump – to Agility they are just not fit.

The best option would be long walks in the area, where the dog can run around and show its hunting instincts: to dig a gopher mink, to drive birds or squirrels.

Sobachkas will joyfully run after the ball or play with you into a tug of toys.

About how to make toys for dogs with your own hands, you can read in articlehttps: //kot-pes.com/igrushki-dlya-sobak-svoimi-rukami/

The dwarf dachshund is very active - it's like an eternal running motor

Dwarf dachshund is very active – it’s like an eternal worker motor

It is advisable to take the small puppy already vaccinated to the street several times a day, so the dog will learn faster cleanliness.

Be sure to take the baby out after sleep and after each feeding, as well as when it starts to spin in search of a place where you can leave another puddle or a bunch.

An adult animal needs to walk at least 2 times a day, morning and evening, 2-4 hours in total.

Do not confuse walks of natural necessity with a walk.

Fasten your pet during walking harness.

But if the owners do not have time for regular long walks, a miniature dachshund will take it better than many others breed.

She will wait for you, comfortably curled up in a basket or on her mattress.

These dogs are so loving and good-natured that they will find a friend among any animals

These dogs are so loving and good-natured that they will find friend among any animals


Dachshunds quickly gain weight, and this is very harmful.

Due to its unusual physique, the spine subjected to stress.

An overweight dachshund suffers even when walking, not to mention running or climbing stairs.

Adult dachshunds are fed no more than twice a day, and it’s necessary constantly monitor the weight of the dog.

Food can be either finished or natural, home cooking.

Babies are fed 5 times a day, adolescents up to six months – 4 times, with 6 months to a year – 3 times, and after a year and a half you can go for two times feeding.

Dwarf dachshunds eat well raw vegetables and fruits, meat, cooked homemade dishes, and especially like to be fed from the table.

Dwarf dachshunds eat well raw vegetables and fruits, meat, cooked homemade dishes, and especially like when fed with the table

Dachshunds need more calories per 1 kg of weight than large to dogs.

Food should be energy intensive, but not challenging fat formation.

In dachshunds of normal condition, one can easily feel the ribs.

For the first feeding, children’s meat nutrition is suitable (“Agusha”, eg).

After a month and a half, you can enter the scroll in a meat grinder boiled lean meat mixed with broth or porridge (rice, buckwheat).

Useful dairy products, stewed vegetables. Raw meat begin give after 6 months. You can’t give pork!


Some diseases are characteristic of dachshunds:

  • spinal problems: displacement or loss of discs
  • glaucoma
  • obesity
  • gum disease

The dwarf dachshund constantly requires communication with the owner, it is vital for her.

Dwarf dachshund constantly requires communication with the owner, it is her vital

Vertebral discs may suffer if a dog jumps from a height down. One unsuccessful jump from the couch is enough.


Taxes are vaccinated according to the standard scheme: first vaccination and deworming is done by the breeder of puppies, sometimes he also makes the second part of the vaccination at the age of 3-4 months.

Then comes the third mandatory vaccination, followed by vaccination. produced annually.

Complex vaccines for carnivore plague are commonly used, hepatitis, parvovirus enteritis, leptospirosis and rabies.

According to epidemiological indications, the veterinarian can advise take other vaccinations.


You can easily take a dachshund on a long trip, for example, climbing mountains is a tireless satellite that can withstand large physical activity


Dog breeding is allowed subject to certain conditions:

  • Reaching the age of full development. In bitches it’s usually chosen for the first knitting the second estrus. Between two With puppies, it is recommended to take a break for at least a year. Males knit since 2 years.
  • Dogs have a breeding class, mating is carried out in according to the club plan.
  • Dachshunds are healthy, glistened, vaccinated.

It is allowed to breed dogs of different sizes, but do not cross dachshunds with a different type of coat.

The dwarf dachshund is a small dog with a lion heart

A dwarf dachshund is a small dog with a lion heart.

In miniature dachshunds, litters are rarely numerous. Usually 1-2 puppies are born.

Dwarf Dachshund: Seething Energy, Courage, and Devotion

The breed of dogs dwarf dachshund does not go out of fashion for more than one a hundred years.

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