During the performance, the lioness attacked little girl in the circus

In the circus tent, which came to the village of Uspenskoye, Krasnodar edge, the lioness pounced on the child in the auditorium. Attack moment was filmed by an eyewitness to what is happening.

On the video you can see how at first the animal obeys trainer’s commands, and after a moment pounces on the seated in the hall is a three-year-old girl.

Despite the fact that around a small arena was stretched mesh fencing, the predator somehow managed to cling to the child in hand and pull it to the middle of the scene. Then the beast grabbed the girl Per head.

With numerous injuries, including lacerations to the face, the injured child was taken to the intensive care unit of the Central District Hospital of the village of Uspenskoe. how only the girl’s condition stabilizes, she will be transported for treatment to Krasnodar.

Askold Zapashny commented on the incident with a predatory beast. By According to him, in what happened, there is a fault as organizers submission, and the parents of a small child. Zapashny explains that the trainer on stage did not have one hundred percent control over the beast, but just kept it on a leash. And the parents of the victim the babies shouldn’t let her get so close to the fence.

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