Dumbest animals in the world – top 10 deprived intelligence

A high level of intelligence is not inherent in all of our smaller brothers. There are individuals in which the brain is extremely primitive, and only marvel at their vitality. We offer you a rating of the most stupid animals in the world.


  • 1 hippo
  • 2 ostrich
  • 3 Pheasant
  • 4 koala
  • 5 Quail
  • 6 panda
  • 7 Turkey
  • 8 Sloth
  • 9 Rabbit
  • 10 Cacapo


According to the intellectual scale of the Swiss scientist-zoologist Portman he scored only 18 points, while, for example, dolphins – 195. Hippos doze almost all the time in water or on sand. Animal extremely aggressive, inconsiderate and lazy, completely incapable to learning.


Here the hippo approaches the edge of the waterfall, not thinking that it can carry to the abyss.

Hippo in the water


It is believed that the ostrich brain is smaller than the eye. Contrary to According to popular belief, ostriches do not hide their heads in the sand, but without it they are considered a symbol of stupidity and shortsightedness. Eat that horrible. Ostriches are rarely taken to the circus – they are absolutely uneducable and aggressive.


They can attack animals clearly superior to them mass and power.

Ostriches are the dumbest animals in the world


This bright bird is appreciated for its exotic beauty. But with her brain is a problem. If, taking off, she hits an obstacle, then not guess to move away. She will continue until smash his head in blood.


Not only this, relatives begin to peck the injured bird. If do not intervene, peck to death.

Pheasants are fighting


This cutest, at first glance, creature is a symbol of Australia. But in reality, koalas are irritable, lazy and stupid. The brain takes them volume 2% of total body weight, this is an extremely low rate. Koala sleeps almost all the time.

Koala sleeps on a tree

If you put a plate with eucalyptus leaves in front of the koala, the animal does not understand what to do with them, because it’s used to pluck them from the trees.

Koala eats eucalyptus leaf

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In nature, birds often throw their chicks, are left without nests, as they settle in terrestrial dwellings.


Quails cause a lot of trouble to breeders – they break their heads about ceiling, burned with a light bulb for heating, drown in a drinking bowl.

Quail in the cage

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Pandas are favorite cartoon characters. But they are quick wits just can not boast. The view is on the verge of extinction, because it only feeds on low-calorie bamboo. Pandas omnivores, and could eat more nutritious food, but think of they cannot do this.

Panda eats bamboo

A female panda usually gives birth to two cubs. Further behavior absolutely not corresponding to the “mimic” image. She chooses one of them, and the second does not feed and ruthlessly throws at arbitrariness of fate. In the photo, mother with two cubs, but the second is alive just because national staff took care of him parka.

Panda with the Cubs


In the wild, these birds are very dodgy, but domesticated turkeys are, to put it mildly, stupid. Sometimes they have stupor condition. They lift their heads and look carefully for a long time. On sky.

Turkeys in the field

Sometimes turkeys “dance round” – go one after another in a circle to exhaustion. Why do they need it is unclear.

Turkeys dance a round dance


The name itself characterizes the essence of this animal.

Sloth on a tree

Sloths sleep 15 hours a day, and even while awake they prefer to hang motionlessly on trees.

Sloth hanging on a tree


Unlike its closest relative – a hare, a rabbit very stupid and narrow-minded. He is uneducated, dirty, harms.

Rabbit chews leaves

Everything can be nibbled, both edible and inedible.

Rabbit nibbles on paper


This bird is also called the “owl parrot.”


She cannot fly, and if danger is approaching, she’s just clings to the ground, hoping that they will not notice it. Predators of course Glad to prey that doesn’t even try to escape. Because of this cacapo now – an endangered species.


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I must say that the level of intelligence in animals is a concept relative. It remains to be seen how those accustomed to comfort people on the brink of survival in the wild.

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