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It’s scary to think: many people refuse to buy cats in fear of parasites. How many childhood tears shed when adults say, “A cat may have worms!” Needless to say helminths – creatures are extremely unpleasant, but from them you can successfully get rid or even prevent their occurrence with modern tools. The drug also belongs to such deworming drugs. Drontal for cats manufactured by the German company Bayer Animal Health GmbH. ”

What is the Drontal preparation?

“Drontal” from worms is an oval-shaped tablet of white color with dividing strip in the middle. On the break, the tablet has yellow tint. Each pack contains 2 or 20 tablets Drontal preparation. Instructions for use from the manufacturer reports that the active components of the combined anthelmintic means “Drontal” is Praziquantel (destructive for cestodes and trematodes) and pyrantel embonate (helps eliminate nematode parasites). Drontal is effective for mature individuals as well and for larvae and helminth eggs. Consider the features of diseases, which can be eliminated with deworming tablets Drontal:

  • Trematodosis – helminthic invasion caused by fluke worms (opisthorchias, alaria, clonorchas, etc.). Parasites of this kind of helminths in the intestines, liver, and gall bubble cat. Symptoms of trematodoses result in a cough (sometimes even with blood), vomiting, diarrhea, exhaustion. Often trematodes affect the respiratory system of a cat, as a result of which it can develop accumulation of air in the pleura (pneumothorax), expansion of the bronchi;
  • Cestodosis – a disease caused by the appearance in the body tapeworms (tenia, echinococcus, diphyllobota, etc.). The habitat of the parasites is the intestines. Symptoms of such an invasion – severe itching in the anus, perversion of taste addictions (a cat can eat feces, pieces of polystyrene foam, sand and etc.), restlessness, vomiting and sometimes diarrhea, watery eyes, cramps. In some cases, untreated cestodosis can result in intestinal obstruction;
  • Nematodosis – roundworms (uncynaria, hookworms, toxaskarids, etc.), which fill the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, the liver and intestines of the animal. Symptoms of Nematodosis – Emptying stomach (often bloody), diarrhea, exhausting cough, anemia, wheezing, dyspnea, dull disheveled wool.

In the absence of proper treatment, any form of helminthiasis fraught for a cat fatal or at best a significant deterioration in her well-being. Therefore, it is important to carry out deworming prophylactically, even for those animals that are homebody. Even animals are susceptible to helminthiasis who do not communicate with their homeless brothers. After all, eggs parasites can enter the house, for example, on house shoes or clothes.

Features of the drug “Drontal”

To make Drontal tablets from worms for cats really acted, the owner should take into account these simple rules:

  1. Drontal is to be stored for 60 months at temperature 0-25 degrees;
  2. The drug is not indicated for kittens under 3 weeks old and animals whose weight did not reach 1 kg;
  3. Deworming usually does not cause side effects, but sometimes cats after taking Drontal may have an upset intestines, vomiting, increased salivation;
  4. Drontal Plus is not suitable for cats, as it is anthelmintic for dogs. On packaging designed for cats, the mark “for cats” is definitely worth it;
  5. Before deworming should be destroyed parasites that live on the surface of the pet’s body. Fleas and other bloodsuckers are intermediate hosts of worms;
  6. Anthelmintic is equally suitable for any cats breeds;
  7. The drug has no toxic effects on the fetus a pregnant cat;
  8. Drontal very rarely causes allergic reactions in animal. If the owner is aware of the cat’s tendency to allergies, before taking deworming, it is permissible to give the pet antihistamine.

How to carry out deworming with Drontal?

Drontal deworming dosage “Drontal” is calculated simply: each a tablet per 4 kg of cat’s body weight. The drug is acceptable mix with food or dissolve in water to enter with syringe. Also, the tablet can be put directly on the root cat’s tongue, making sure that it is swallowed. The procedure it is advisable to spend in the morning until the pet’s stomach empty. Prevention with the anthelmintic Drontal is carried out quarterly and always before vaccination and viscous (usually 2 weeks). For medicinal purposes, Drontal is given to cats after consultation. with a veterinarian. The dosage and frequency of administration in this case should identify a specialist after examining the pet.

Owners reviews about Drontal tablets

Reviews about the drug for deworming cats Drontal are good, however, there are some animals to which the remedy is still not Suitable: Review number 1: “Before giving the cat” Drontal “, I read a lot of reviews about the drug. And the company known for him the owners of animals let out and praise “Drontal”, and the price for 1 the pill is normal (in our pharmacy they ask 130 rubles apiece). At Sonya, my consequences after taking the negative were not. The only minus of “Drontal” is too large a pill, which it’s not so easy to swallow a cat … “; Review No. 2:” To Drontalu ” attitude is twofold. The tool was advised in a pet store. I bought 2 pills for your cats. Kuzya suffered normally, was active, I ate normally in the evening. And they almost lost another cat. Just a couple of hours after taking the cat, the third eyelid tightened whole eye, drooling from my mouth. Well, we managed to go to the clinic (they put dropper). So Drontal suits someone, but Tishka is more I won’t give it … “; Review No. 3:” I picked it up six months ago on street kitten girl brought home. When I saw the feces, I was horrified: the living white worms were swarming! Yes, and my appetite Maruski (so called her) was not very. After Drontal on the next day the worms (dead) came out. Now my girlfriend is eating good, and the look has improved. By the way, neither vomiting nor diarrhea after deworming was not. The medicine was given with a syringe (removed the needle) … ”

Drug cost

In most veterinary pharmacies you can buy “Drontal” by the piece. The price of 1 tablet is about 100-160 rubles. Packaging in which 2 pcs. Drontala will cost a little more – from 200-350 rubles. A large package, in which 20 tablets, costs about 1300-1600 rubles.

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