Dreams come true: the photographer managed to get tiger snapshot from an interesting angle

Often for the sake of a spectacular shot, the photographer is even ready to put under threaten your life. However, Steve Winter managed to get a unique Shot of a tiger without threat using modern technology.

Every photographer has a dream. For Steve Winter, that was desire to take a perfect view of the bottom of the tiger face. Winter, a professional photographer practicing shooting wild cats, said that he was faced with the task of photographing this species so as not to end its days in the mouth of a predator.

National Geographic engineers even before Steve’s proposal was built a small “car with a camera” – a device with a four-wheel camera, but it still hasn’t was used. Winter, seeing the fixture, realized that it will help him in getting the right kind, and asked for permission to take device to India.


The fulfillment of a dream was not long in coming. In national Bandhavgarh Park in Madhya Pradesh, all male tigers fled from strange car, but one female stopped and even attacked device. But as a result, the photograph was still taken.


Winter got such an interesting shot

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