Dream job: Turkish bears became honey tasters

As you know, bears do not mind eating honey. But they are not just sweet tooth, and real gourmets.

Animals are so well versed in the product that in Turkey his tasters. It all started as a criminal story. Beekeeper Ibrahim Cedef noticed that every night someone smashes apiary – splits beehives and eats honey. Videcam filmed thieves – bears. Then the landlord tried offer them other food, as well as put up a fence. But everything was in vain – the bears continued to host the apiary.

bear eats honey

Bear loves honey for a reason – the product is characterized by increased high-calorie and high in carbohydrates, vitamins, fructose and glucose, because the bear needs it to build up subcutaneous fat before hibernating

Soon, Ibrahim benefited from their visits. To clubfoot not eating honey for free, they should become his tasters, he decided. On a selection of bears was offered several varieties of goodies. It turned out that animals prefer Anzersky honey. This is one of the most expensive species in the world, a kilogram of which costs more than 300 dollars. The rest of the varieties, the bears ate reluctantly, and sugar the substitute was never touched at all.

Now the apiary Ibrahim Zedef has become famous all over the world, and the bears gained a reputation as a honey sommelier.

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