Assessment of breed characteristics

Adaptability Definition of how easy a dog is. can adapt to changes in life. Grade 5
Shedding Level Level and frequency of hair loss in animal. Grade 1
Level of tenderness Level and amount of tenderness and affection that the dog gives back in return for attention to itself. Grade 5
Need for Exercise Daily Activity Level dogs. Grade 5
Social need Required number of dog contacts with other animals as well as people. Grade 3
Housing ratio Factor that determines the level of noise and other inconvenience that the dog can deliver to the owners in the ratio the size of the apartment to the size of the dog. Grade 1
Grooming Number of bathing, combing, as well as necessary number of professional grooming sessions required the dog. Grade 2
Friendliness in an unfamiliar environment society with strangers or in an unfamiliar environment. Grade 3
The tendency to bark The tendency to bark and its frequency and volume. Grade 3
Health Issues Potential Health Status dogs. Grade 2
Territorial tendency of the dog to protect his house, yard or even a car owner. Grade 4
Cat friendliness A trend towards cat tolerance and reduced manifestation of hunting instincts. Grade 1
Intelligence Dog’s ability to think and solve emerging difficulties (not to be confused with learning!). Grade 5
Education and training Level of difficulty in training a dog perform certain actions. Grade 5
Friendliness for children Factor determining how much the dog friendly to children, whether she likes to play with them and endure some children’s pranks. Grade 4
Game activity The concept is determined by its very name, and, usually found in almost all dogs. Grade 5
Observability Dog’s ability to detect presence a stranger in his territory. Grade 5
Friendliness for other dogs Dog’s tendency to find common language with other relatives. Grade 5

Brief description of the breed

Drathaar, or German Wire-haired Pointing Dog, appeared at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries as a universal hunting dog. These dogs are capable of hunting in any conditions, on any Terrain: on land and on water. Hunters around the world especially appreciate the stamina and flair of dogs of this breed. Drathaar is suitable for families who lead an active lifestyle and will be able to provide necessary physical activity for your pet, therefore Inactive people, such a dog is unlikely to be to their liking.

Pros of Drathaar

  • It is a universal hunting dog;
  • A fine watchman and protector;
  • Strongly attached to the owner;
  • Smart, learns quickly and with great desire.

Cons of drathaar

  • It has a complex and independent character;
  • Needs an experienced owner;
  • It requires a large number of movements;
  • Virtually disapproves of the presence of other animals in home;
  • Does not tolerate cats.

Drathaar is a medium-sized hunting dog on water and on land. Medium hard coat, endurance, keen sense of smell, sight and hearing make the dog unsurpassed the hunter. These qualities have long been appreciated by hunters of all of the world. External features of the German Wire-haired Pointing Dog is a beard and a sticking cropped tail. In his homeland, in Germany, this dog is called Drathaar. The breed was bred specially for hunting in the most extreme conditions of all kinds Game Drathaar, like any hunting dog, requires special training and education. These dogs love to run and swim. The activity of the animal is caused by the need to realize all its physical potential. German wire-haired cops like any other dogs adore attention and tenderness by the owner. Drathaar owners must have more than just skills communication with dogs, but also perseverance and patience. For so that the dog can take part in various competitions in the execution of complex commands, the search, run must be constantly Develop a pet through systemic exercise. The nature these dogs are somewhat stubborn. Therefore, it is advisable to contact specialists to ensure the proper training and education. Drathaar does not tolerate aggression and rigidity, which is necessary exclude from the learning process. The main condition for successful learning is praise and encouragement. Not so long ago, dog handlers revealed in these dogs incredible ability to search and save people. Search and rescue animal inclinations speak of love for to the person to whom the animal provides invaluable assistance. Wire-haired Pointing Dog is a versatile dog that can to prove himself both in competitions and contests, and on the hunt, and also in the field of saving people. The dog will be a great friend, she will be happy to keep company during the morning runs, and also will become a companion for gatherings around the fire. Drathaar, at sufficient attention and love will become a true member of your family! Affectionate and devoted to the family German Wire-haired Pointing Dog very friendly to people, but wary of strangers. Dogs of this breeds grown in a family circle are full of love for all its members, but with special awe relate only to the owner. Drathaar is more than just a hunting dog, she loves communicating with humans, which makes her a true member of the family. Also representatives of this breed are unsurpassed watchmen. This dog is real owner who is worried about the property of the owner. She without fear shows aggression against offenders. you can be sure that your pet will always protect the family and home, if they will in danger. Early socialization is a prerequisite in education animals of this breed. Trainers claim that training is necessary restrained perseverance. A sharp “no” is much more effective than rudeness and aggression. Respect the animal and you will immediately see the desire of the dog to please you.


Wire-haired Drathaar is large, but not heavy, dogs with athletic and athletic physique.

  • The silhouette fits into a square, the spine is short and straight, chest wide but not deep.
  • The limbs are very muscular.
  • The tail is worn low, twisted halfway, but may worn at the level of the spine, in those moments when the dog interested in anything.
  • The head is dry, looks noble, worn heavily muscular neck.
  • Medium sized eyes, brown, friendly expression.
  • Ears set high, medium length, wide, ends rounded, fit evenly on the cheeks.
  • Height at the withers: males 61 – 68 cm, females 57 – 64 cm.
  • Body weight: males 25 – 32 kg, females 20 – 27 kg.

Drathaar photo:

Drathaar Drathaar DrathaarDrathaar Drathaar DrathaarDrathaar Drathaar Drathaar Photo of Drathaar breed dogs |

Origin history

The breed was bred in the process of actively searching for a universal a hunter who can help hunt various animals. Drathaar appeared in the 1800s. This dog combined qualities of a gundog, a poodle and foxhound, thanks to which the animal Feels great in water and on earth. Do not confuse Drathaar with kurtshaarom. Unlike the latter, drathaar has a longer wool, a different head shape and a completely different temperament. Although outwardly there are certain similarities, yet they were inferred separately and from different breeds of dogs.

Character of drathaar

Drathaaras are beautiful, affectionate and loyal to their family. They are friendly but wary of to strangers. When a pet grew up in a loving family, he will be with a special trembling applies to all its members. That’s why attention is so important. not only to the animal, but also to you. Drathaar is more than just hunting dog. She loves human communication, which makes she’s an excellent family dog. From dogs of this breed are obtained great watchman. The pet clearly shows a feeling property, therefore drathaar will defend to the last property from the offender. But so that the dog possesses the above qualities, it is necessary to carry out its early socialization. In the process this completely give up aggression. Persistence is yours main weapon.

Maintenance and care

Adult drathaar does not require much attention. the main thing – take care of the coat weekly, comb it thoroughly, so how these dogs molt a round stroke. Combing hair thoroughly not only prevents the appearance of wool in the house, but also keeps the animal clean. It is only necessary to buy a dog if necessary. Young puppies may have soft hair, which requires more attention. But as you grow older the coat will getting harder. During molting, especially in spring, you it will be necessary to comb out the pet’s hair more often. ears of a pet. This is necessary in order to timely detect signs of infection or inflammation. Treat ears a special solution recommended by a veterinarian using a special swab with soft tissue. Cut the nails usually once every month, but if they grow rapidly, then the procedure can be carried out more often. Weekly routines include cleaning teeth. This will prevent tooth problems and will a guarantee of the fresh breath of your drathaar.

Training and training

Drathaar is a strong, strong-willed and independent dog. therefore the process of training and learning can be a problem for untrained dog breeder. These dogs need confidence in yourself, a persistent owner with leadership qualities. If a you at least once give way to a pet, then about the effectiveness of training you can forget it. Classes do not have to be long, otherwise they are fast dogs will be bored. Dogs of this breed enjoy exercises related to ingenuity and physical activity. IN recently they are often used in various search and rescue operations. Thus, animals realize its search need inherent in all hunting dogs. Drathaar training can take up to six months. In some cases this period may be a little shorter. But it’s better to conduct training in stages.

Health and Disease

The average lifespan of a drathaar is 14–16 years. TO major diseases that may occur in representatives breeds include: cataract, elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, ear infections and skin cancer.

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