Sometimes people, choosing a dog for themselves, refuse to buy an animal female due to fear of leaks, pregnancy, unwillingness to attach puppies-babies in good hands. However many problems can be avoided if ahead of time, when the first estrus has not yet begun dogs, know about the intricacies of the processes occurring in the body sexually mature pets. So, consider at what age estrus begins in dogs, what are its symptoms and how it behaves a dog in such a difficult period, what kind of help should be provided to the animal what can and cannot be done if the pet started estrus.

Dog Heat General

First, find out when to wait for a “surprise” from a female. It’s believed that the first estrus in dogs begins at the age of 6 months and up the onset of 2 years. At the same time, in dogs of small breeds of oestrus (correct name for estrus) begins early – at 6, and sometimes even at 5 months. In medium-sized dogs, estrus usually begins in 8-12 months. And in large dogs, estrus occurs later than anything else – in 1-1.5 years, but sometimes even at 2 years. At the same time, name the exact time when the girl dog is ready for procreation, of course, And how old are dogs in heat? Theoretically, being prepared for future fertilization may be pet to a very respectable age. That is, at 10, and at 15, and even at 20 (if the animal manages to live to such an advanced age) can be estrus, because the menopause dogs just don’t exist. Now it’s time to figure out the duration this difficult period. How long the estrus lasts in dogs small breeds? Usually estrus lasts 20 days. In dogs medium breeds and in large dogs, estrus can last occasionally and up to 30 days. Dog heat may be slightly shorter the indicated dates, if the pet is elderly, moreover, the number her discharge may be very small. цикл на 4 стадии, среди которых:Beagle

  • Проэструс – период, когда начинаются собачья вульваswollen. It lasts about 6-10 days. During proestrus goes preparation of the canine organism for ovulation, special hormones – estrogens that contribute to the appearance of bloody discharge;
  • Estrus – in fact, this is the time when the pet there is an increased interest in dog-boys. Loop becomes soft, swelling decreases, the discharge changes to transparent or light pink. This stage in dogs usually lasts 7-9 days, and ovulation occurs on 2-3 days of the estrus period. Those owners who don’t know on which estrus day you need to knit a dog, do this is from the very first day of estrus, and it is better to wait 2 days after ovulation when the eggs are formed;
  • Metestrus – gradual extinction occurs in the body ovulation with the help of the produced hormone progesterone. Discharge the dog gradually disappears during metestrus. Animal ceases to look with lust at males. This phase lasts about 7-20 days;
  • Anestrus – rest time, when the female either carries the offspring is either pregnant falsely or simply does not want to communicate with four-legged “gentlemen” if fertilization for some reasons did not happen. Anestrus lasts approximately 5 – 5.5 months.

To the question, how often can dogs have estrus answer unambiguously. Domestic bitches usually have a difficult period twice a year, mainly in spring and autumn (but it happens in winter and summer). In dogs, domestic estrus can be once a year (more often in spring).

How to determine if a dog is in heat soon

Experienced owners know how to identify a dog’s estrus. What about do the newbies who keep the girl pet for the first time? If a the animal’s age has exceeded 6 months, you should be on the alert. Understand that the dog will heat in the near future, will help such signs:

  • The dog began to molt;
  • The girl often pisses;
  • Blood may be present in the animal’s urine inclusions;
  • The behavior of the animal is fundamentally changing: usually an affectionate dog becomes a real fury, and a person with character turns into humble shy;
  • Dog behavior before estrus can be aggressive relation to other bitches;
  • Tags may appear in the apartment.

The listed signs of estrus in dogs are not present in every case. It happens that the pet before the time “x” behaves completely not suspiciously. If the dog has reached the age of six months, the owner will have to be especially vigilant when monitoring the behavior of the animal, impurities in the urine, the condition of the coat.

How to behave the owner, if the dog began to estrus

So that the estrus period does not become a nightmare, the owner of a dog-girl пригодятся такие советы:Golden retriever

  1. Для того чтобы питомица не пачкала выделениями мебель,housekeeping clothes and carpets, the animal can be worn special protective diapers. Pampers for dogs dogs in heat choose appropriate size (from small Small to largest XXL). However, far from all pets welcome to wear absorbent diapers. So that the animal does not pull off the diaper teeth, it is better to wear jumpsuits, panties or panties for the dog during estrus time;
  2. If a tailed “lady” is categorically against diapers, if possible, you will have to secure all fabric surfaces in home: roll up carpets, cover sofas and beds with rugs;
  3. During estrus, the pet attracts males like a magnet. IN the period of “women’s affairs” to walk the dog should only be on a leash, reducing the time of the promenade so that the animal has time to manage its needs and ran a little. Small dogs accustomed to domestic tray, you can not let out on the street;
  4. Dog behavior during estrus can unpleasantly surprise her owner: pet can suddenly “forget” all the teams, although earlier strictly fulfilled them. The owner needs to minimize for a while estrus contact of the animal with the outside world;
  5. During estrus, canine genitals are susceptible to infections. Drumming and bathing in open water should be excluded, if the animal has estrus;
  6. Fine bitches should not participate in shows and competitions, they should not be taken on trips. If you neglect this rule, there will be harm to both the female and the dog, who will certainly feel that nearby is a “girlfriend”, ready for mating;
  7. Have you ever seen funny short-legged mestizos born from the union of a large female and a short dog (or vice versa)? Not hope that mating does not happen if the site runs dog of the “wrong” size. Better keep your dog on a leash. near you outside the apartment;
  8. Even if the owner does not mind that the pet becomes pregnant, in a hurry to let the dog “meet” with males only after third, minimum second heat, when the dog is older than 1 – 1.5 years (otherwise too young an animal may even die during childbirth or have problems with bearing puppies);
  9. Scolding a dog that marks furniture and wallpaper, howls, ignores the words of the owner, pointless. Better to distract the animal, to for example, any game, good conversation. Slightly acceptable to calm the animal with a remedy based on motherwort, valerian, passionflower or Scutellaria baicalensis (before use it is advisable to consult a veterinarian).

Sometimes the dog’s discharge is too meager and it’s difficult for the owner to notice. If against the background of this the pet behaves quietly, then it happens, that the owner does not know that the dog is in heat. Talk about the fact that a dog without estrus can become pregnant, sometimes inexperienced by dog breeders. So, pregnancy occurs only during the period ovulation, which takes place only during estrus. If a an inaccurate (in appearance) bitch became pregnant, most likely the owner just didn’t noticed discharge.

Possible problems during estrus in dogs

The estrus itself is not a disease, but sometimes in bitches in this period there are problems that should be promptly inform the doctor. So, it’s not good if a dog has:

  • Vomiting and categorical refusal of food – with estrus appetite some bitches decline but not completely disappear. When after a small snack, the animal’s stomach literally turns inside out, it’s bad. Perhaps the pet was poisoned, picked up infection or she has a disorder in the work of internal organs;
  • If the time has come for metestrus, but the dog doesn’t discharges cease, hormonal failure may occur;
  • Normally, the discharge cannot be green, bright yellow, in black. A fetid smell should also alert. May have dogs infectious disease or genital inflammation organs;
  • When a dog rises during heat, it rises above 39.5 – 40 degrees is a mess. Most likely, the animal became ill (viral and bacterial infections, allergies, oncology, poisoning and etc.).

What to do if estrus in dogs is undesirable

In some situations, the owner does not want the animal to have estrus (for example, when the dog is too sensitive abstinence from mating, weak for bearing offspring health, etc.). To deprive the animal of the opportunity to give birth often sterilize by bandaging the fallopian tubes. But after such an intervention heat will still be present. If a but at the same time to remove the ovaries and the uterus, estrus will not. When sterilization is carried out correctly, the dog will cease to interest individuals of the opposite sex and will forever lose the ability to have offspring. Many owners of pet girls are interested in the question: Is it possible to sterilize a dog during estrus? Veterinarians consider it better to have genital removal organs when the hormonal background of the dog returns to normal, that is, during anestrus time. Although sometimes sterilization is carried out during estrus, but resorting to laparoscopy when internal organs removed through a small incision on the dog’s stomach.

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