Dogs reeducate alimony

According to the information portal, in Transbaikalia they found alternative education method for pay evaders child support. Malicious violators are sent to jail … For jail to dogs of one of the nurseries of Irkutsk.

According to the staff of the State Penitentiary Service of the Federal Penitentiary Service of the Russian Federation for the Irkutsk Region, convicted of non-payment of alimony “dad” is now obliged every day work in a kennel for abandoned and stray dogs: must feed animals, care for them, clean them in their cages, clean the territory of the kennel, wash dogs, walk them, play with homeless and take every care.

Abandoned dogs of the Irkutsk kennel

Alimony payers wake up responsible for their own abandoned children when they work in the nursery

This method of re-educating negligent dads, according to Evelina Pavlenko (Head of the Criminal Executive Inspectorate in Sverdlovsk branch), has an effective and powerful effect. Convicts who are daily (albeit forced) in contact with animals, look after and care for abandoned dogs, change very quickly from the moral side. They appear responsibility, compassion, they understand that their children, whom they don’t pay child support – these are the same abandoned defenseless creatures. And they also need care, care and parental care. Attention.

The colony staff has been working with the Irkutsk nursery for a very long time and they always choose which of the prisoners to send there, as a rule – these are alimony. Violators get paid for their labor in nursery, but part of the salary is charged for the needs of the nursery and benefit of the state.

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