Dog touchingly reacts to appearance baby girls: video

As often happens, a young family started a dog, and only then – the child. When the newborn was brought home, girls immediately decided to introduce.

Daughter grew up a bit, and happy parents posted online video about how their pet for the first time meets her little mistress and how to communicate with her in the future.

The golden retriever named Birra was at first amazed and very worried, did not know what to do. The dog did not have his own puppies, but the maternal instinct turned on very quickly. Birra began to do what is supposed, in her opinion, in such case – carefully lick the baby.

Birra licks a girl

Soon she was accustomed to the emergence of a new man in her pack, treats the girl with care and with great interest. But every time trying to lick her fingers well, because stupid parents do not do such an important hygiene at all procedure.

Video: Birra knows how to take care of children

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