Dog Toothpaste – What’s the Difference Between human and dog pastes?

Dogs and puppies that use wet or dry food need in regular brushing of the teeth to maintain their oral cavity clean enough. However, use the usual human toothpaste is not very safe because many of Its ingredients are poisonous to dogs. Toothpaste for dogs contains only those ingredients that are safe and taste good enough.

Dog Toothpaste - What's the Difference Between human and dog pastes?

Toothpaste for people

Our regular toothpaste contains chemicals that can cause an upset stomach in a dog if it swallows them. These chemicals are fluorides, xylitol and lauryl sulfate – all of them are potentially poisonous when getting some of them into the dog’s body. Besides, these same chemicals can cause upset swallowing and in humans, but you know that after brushing your teeth should spit out the paste and rinse your mouth with water. Your dog is not understands these rules and swallows pasta.

Dog pasta

Dog toothpaste contains only non-foaming ingredients, which are safe for your puppy when swallowed in small quantities. Ingredients such as baking soda and silicon dioxide. help to clean teeth qualitatively and are considered safe for dogs. Antibacterial substances, enzymes, for example glucose oxidase and lactoperoxidase help eliminate bacteria during many toothpastes for pets. Bacteria that accumulate in the form of plaques on the teeth, gradually harden in tartar, causing diseases such as caries and gingivitis. By eliminating bacteria, enzymes prevent these diseases and refresh your dog’s breath. These substances are also sufficient safe for your pet if swallowed.

Taste component

Your dog should enjoy the taste of toothpaste when you will clean her mouth. She is unlikely to tolerate pasta with unpleasant taste, which can significantly complicate cleaning. Try a few flavors and determine what your pet like the most. Although baking soda is safe ingredient, she may not like your taste the dog. In this case, try pastes that contain enzymes and taste not so salty.


Oral diseases can cause a number of problems for your dogs. Gingivitis, tooth decay, tooth loss, halitosis and even damage to internal organs due to bacteria in the mouth. Cleaning your dog’s mouth with regular paste for humans can cause vomiting and diarrhea if she swallows it. If the paste contains xylitol, then it can even cause cramps and tremors in your dog. Use only safe dog toothpaste that Designed specifically for dogs. It will help not only maintain your pet’s oral hygiene, but also make it easier for you the very task of cleaning it.

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