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By acquiring a dog, the family receives the most devoted, loving and faithful friend, ready to give his life for his owners. But also hassle, of course, is added and, first of all, the question arises, but how to feed a new family member? More and more hosts are leaning in the benefit of dry diets, but also among them choose the most suitable can be difficult. Super-premium brand deserves attention and holistic class, characterized by high quality. And this category includes dry dog food Go – balanced nutrition made from natural ingredients to meet needs animal.


  • 1. More about production and manufacturer
  • 2. Assortment
    • 2.1. Fit + free
    • 2.2. Refresh + Renew
    • 2.3. Go sensitivity + shine
  • 3. Composition: proteins, proteins, fats and additional Components
  • 4. On the advantages and disadvantages of these diets
  • 5. Feedback from dog breeders and expert opinion
  • 6. Product cost

Read more about manufacturing and manufacturer

Already by packaging with a maple leaf in the corner you can understand that we are talking about Canadian production. By the way, this country is famous advanced technologies and high-quality products, including including pet diets. Go (Go) for dogs read the article

Gow – Petcurean Pet Nutrition’s diets, but it’s not the only brand of this manufacturer. In addition, they produce feed under the brand name Now Fresh, Summit, tidbits sweets for four-legged pets of Spike and the latest rations Gather. Each of the products found its customers, and in Most of the reviews about them are very positive, including from buyers from Russia.

If we talk about the company Petcurean, then we are talking about the young a family business that appeared less than 20 years ago. But with the very foundations here cared about the quality of their products and continue to do this now.

The manufacturer claims that raw materials are used Fresh produce from local farms that are delivered to produce fresh, without preliminary freezing. Moreover, vegetable crops and livestock are grown in regions of Canada with favorable environment – Fraser and Okagan valleys, without application hormonal additives, chemical fertilizers and other artificial components.

All ingredients undergo multi-stage quality control. Gow rations themselves are certified products, meeting the requirements, which is confirmed documented in various organizations.

But as the most important evidence that the Gows are excellent pet food, numerous positive feedback from dog owners, breeders and veterinary doctors.


Gow’s feed line includes several diets suitable for feeding dogs of different ages, sizes and needs.

Fit + free

The formula does not provide for the presence of grain in the composition of this stern. It is based on animal proteins derived from 4 species meat: turkey, chicken, ducklings and salmon. Meat component occupies 70% of the total.

This cereal-free product is available in several rations: for feeding puppies, adults, elderly dogs, as well as pets that are prone to obesity.

Refresh + Renew

This formula is designed to suit dogs, which shows nutrition low in protein components, this is especially true for animal proteins. Whole Grain Product suitable as a daily diet, which feed the pet possible throughout his life. 3 flavors are available:

  • whole chicken, fruits, vegetables;
  • lamb;
  • turkey.

Go sensitivity + shine

Specialized nutrition for animals with disorders digestive processes. If a pet is bothered by difficulty defecation, an allergic reaction appears on the products and stomach upsets are not uncommon, it is worth considering translation him on a given diet. There are several menus in this line:

  • whole duck meat with oatmeal;
  • fresh salmon with oatmeal;
  • turkey.

The assortment of feeds of this brand does not differ variety, however, dog owners have the opportunity find the right diet to suit all needs favorite.

Ingredients: proteins, proteins, fats and additional components

The manufacturer emphasizes that the products of this brand made on the basis of fresh meat, fruits and vegetables, and in technology applies low temperature, which allows keep all the nutrients contained in ingredients. Go (Go) for dogs composition

In addition, in addition to the main components, the composition includes beneficial pre- and probiotics, as well as antioxidant substances. If take into account such factors, then the Gou rations can be attributed to for holists, however, the manufacturing company does not indicate this packaging.

To take a closer look at the composition, it is worth taking as an example Go’s most popular diet is Fit + Free All Life Stages, which Dog owners and breeders most often choose for their pets. The food is universal and suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes, and to meet the different needs of dogs, just adjust the volume of the daily portion.

The nutrient ratio is as follows:

  • 35.5% of the protein component, which exceeds the average indicator;
  • 16.6% of fats are within normal limits;
  • 2.8% fiber is below average;
  • 8% humidity;
  • 8.9% of ash is a normal amount that does not exceed the norm.

With a similar balance of components, the carbohydrate portion of the feed is about 30%, which is a positive factor. But fiber is slightly less than that required for normal the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract of the animal.

Another nuance – a menu with a high protein content is ideal food for a growing organism, as well as dogs that it takes a lot of energy. The rest of the same amount of meat food may not be required.

The composition of this Gow diet includes fifty ingredients that cannot but impress. Moreover, this is without taking into account vitamin and mineral additives. However, difficulties may arise with translation, therefore, to avoid inaccuracies, it is better to take original.

The first 5 components of feed go! – Fit + Free All Life Stages this is:

  • chicken (flour from chicken meat, fillet, fat and as a flavoring added a thick, well-cooked broth) – 54%;
  • turkey meat in the form of fillet – 10%;
  • trout (fillet) – 10%;
  • potatoes;
  • peas.

A similar composition includes all the necessary components:

  1. Squirrels. In the diet, these are mainly animals proteins, and the main source is chicken flour. Also squirrels contain the following ingredients: herring flour, eggs, duck, salmon. Although they are inferior in this regard to the first component, but if consider them in combination, then they significantly increase the amount of protein in the diet. They are considered quality products, which are well absorbed by the animal’s body. Vegetable protein in the feed there is also, but in smaller volumes, it contains peas, Turkish peas (chickpeas), lentils and cassava sago.
  2. Cellulose. Most of this component found in potatoes, less – in legumes, sweet potatoes, alfalfa and a number of vegetables and fruits. But its quantity not big.
  3. Fats. The formula of the diet provides for in the composition of both plant and animal lipid substances. IN in the first case, canola and coconut oils are sources of fats, containing large amounts of vitamin E and providing complete metabolic processes. The second is chicken fat and salmon oil, very valuable foods rich in linoleic and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. And this, accordingly, is a beautiful coat, healthy skin, normal heart function and vascular support. Few Moreover, the components are needed for the prevention of a number of diseases. The manufacturer indicates that the safety of fats is ensured natural preservatives, which can be attributed to the benefits feed composition.
  4. Additional ingredients. What already It was noted that the composition of the product is quite diverse, and some The components are quite original. To improve digestive The process included chicory root and prebiotics. Among numerous ingredients can be found healing herbs: licorice, calendula, fennel, mint, chamomile flowers. Healthy spices which most housewives use in cooking, also are included in the diet formula: turmeric, rosemary, etc. Pumpkin and zucchini rarely added to dog food, let alone bananas, papaya and pomegranates, but they are also included in the composition. In the list you can detect various berries: juniper, blueberries, cranberries, blackberry, extracts of green tea and fruits and rosehip roots.

Despite the large list of components, most of which is quite low and does not play a big role. That’s why evaluate the benefits of a combination of these products for the canine organism quite problematic. Good dog food

In general, experts positively note a large number important ingredients and their detailed description with percentage ratio, which increases confidence in this manufacturer.

On the advantages and disadvantages of these diets

Few products in this category have a single a serious drawback is the rather high price, which is justified by the quality composition. The rest is more focus on the benefits of dog food Go:

  • innovative technologies are used in production;
  • only fresh, natural ingredients are taken products, for the most part, locally produced;
  • you can’t call the composition scarce, as it is rich in vitamins, trace elements, antioxidants, prebiotics and other useful substances;
  • the basis of feed is meat products;
  • rations are also suitable for animals suffering from allergies;
  • the manufacturer does not use harmful, artificial additives – amplifiers, flavorings and other;
  • Gow is a Canadian brand that already speaks of high quality;
  • the manufacturer uses a multi-stage program for product verification at all stages of production and provides its proper storage;
  • the brand is widespread, so you can purchase this feed in many pet stores or order through an online resource.

A lot of positives are confirmed by many positive reviews from side of buyers. In addition, veterinarians also evaluate this the product is pretty high.

Feedback from dog breeders and expert opinion

Veterinarians and dog lovers share their impressions about acquired feed.

Larisa, veterinarian: “Go! – quality and Canadian-made nutritional products. Formula Development Experienced veterinarians and nutritionists are involved. Full composition natural, the food contains a lot of meat, which is important for dogs, descendants of predators. The pluses I want to include them hypoallergenic and also suitable for obese dogs. Price high, however, it is consumed 40-50% less than products other brands. Given all this, Dog Gow food recommend.”

Karina, Astrakhan: “We have a 4-year-old Labrador, whom we feed Gow from day one. No violations with health side has never been, our pet has a brilliant wool, and he does not gain weight, although long walks happen infrequently. I have repeatedly recommended this feed to other owners dogs, they were satisfied. Later I asked a veterinarian, not Does the dog need any vitamins, he replied that in Gow contains everything you need. I know that there are canned goods in the brand, sorry, but they don’t go on sale with us. ”

Vladimir: “When the age of our pug became approaching 8 years, various problems began to arise with health. There was an allergy to a flea collar, a trip on vacation became the cause of dermatitis, any malomalsky stress began to cause digestive disorders with unpleasant external manifestations. The veterinarian indicated old age and low immunity and recommended to transfer the pet to a better feed – hypoallergenic, with well-digestible components – Go. And it is necessary say, this food went perfectly, our “old man” perked up, and the last six months, allergies and stuff don’t bother. ”

Product cost

The cost of production varies by region and depends on weight packing:

  • a package weighing 230 g costs an average of 220-240 rubles;
  • the price of the package 2.72 kg is 1350-1450 rubles;
  • a bag of 11.35 kg is 3900-4200 rubles.

Sensitive special diets are more expensive product, for a bag of 230 g will have to give 250-260 rubles, the most low price of a package weighing 2.72 kg – 2000 rubles, a bag of 11.35 kg will cost about 5500 rubles.

The feed of many, even eminent brands, is inferior in composition and Gow quality, even if their cost is no different. Therefore, choosing among expensive feeds, it is worth more carefully look at what they are made of so as not to pay just for a famous brand. When in doubt, you can always get advice from a veterinarian about proper nutrition for the pet.

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