Dog Clipper: A Useful Tool for grooming at home

Dog Clipper

A dog clipper is a necessary thing, especially if in a long-haired pet lives at home. Easy to learn tool use, thereby relieving yourself of the need to visit groomer.

A dog clipper is used to care for various rocks from decorative to watchdogs.

Moreover, the pet quickly gets used to the procedure and does not show no worries, allowing you to put yourself in order.

If you learn to use the device, it disappears the need to contact specialists in grooming, which will save both time and budget.


  • 1 What is a dog clipper
  • 2 What types of cars are
  • 3 How to choose the right machine for your pet
  • 4 How to cut a dog without scaring it
  • 5 Is it possible to sharpen knives yourself
  • 6 How to care for the tool
  • 7 Where to buy a dog clipper

What is a dog clipper

Many owners mistakenly believe: if their pet is not Belongs to decorative breeds and does not have long hair, do not need to cut it.

However, shearing an animal – the procedure is not so much desirable how much is needed. After it, the wool acquires a comfortable length, not interferes with the dog, does not bother him. In addition, the need disappears daily vacuum the house, because the hairs become much smaller.

Finally, do not forget about the breeds that need regular haircuts: Yorkshire Terrier, regular and dwarf poodle Pomeranian and Wolfspitz, Kerry Blue Terrier, Beaver York, and also many other breeds.

For the proper maintenance of such pets without special tool just can not do. How to choose him, we and tell you.

Dog Clipper

One of the models of dog clippers

Important! For dogs special shearing machines. Those designed for human hair, they do not fit.

The “dog” tool is completely different. The fact is that wool hairs have a special structure, so the machines are equipped knife blades that cut hair without damaging internal structure.

There are only two of them: one motionless, and the second oscillates, as pendulum mechanism. In the process of cutting, hair is cut to the desired length without causing any harm to the dog.

As necessary, sharpening knives for the machine, and The device is ready for use again.

What types of cars are

There are various reasons for the classification of cars. If rely on functionality, that is:

  • Amateur. Such machines are designed exclusively for home use, with their help it is impossible to perform complex haircuts, and the functionality is usually limited only to the main opportunities.

Dog Clipper

Amateur machine: small functionality

  • Professional. Used in special salons and allow your pet to bring fashionable, creative beauty. Possess advanced features but for weekly home haircuts not quite comfortable.

Dog Clipper

Professional machine: the functionality is much wider

According to the principle of operation of the product are divided into:

  • Mechanical. Outwardly very similar to pliers. Like models always have an adjusting screw located in the middle, and cutting teeth located at the ends.

Dog Clipper

Typical model of a mechanical machine

  • Electric. This is a bit more complicated. All appliances in this group operate on current, but not always the same.

Here you can distinguish the following subgroups:

  • Vibrating. At work, they hum and finely vibrate, hence the name went. Intended only for dogs that have thin, soft coat, like a German spitz. Small power (up to 15W) will not allow to cope with a thicker and more rigid hairline. This is the main disadvantage of the devices.

Dog Clipper

An example of a vibrating machine

  • Rechargeable. Portable machines powered by special batteries. Convenient in that you can take them with you wherever you go, some owners use the appliance at exhibitions. Equipped with removable knives for dog clippers. One big but: The battery lasts no more than an hour.

Dog Clipper

Battery cars look something like this

  • Rotary. They are considered the most convenient. Have the biggest power and most often refer to professional tools. Suitable for dogs with long, thick, heavy and tough hair. Many rotary machines are equipped with cooling elements, therefore, they can work for a long time without overheating.

Dog Clipper

Typical rotary machine model

Important! Determining which machine your needs darling, come from the type of coat. If you want universal, We advise you to choose from rotary, but they are also the most expensive.

How to choose the right pet car

First, pay attention to the reviews. Often dog owners versatile describe purchased devices, so you can always immediately understand what are the pros and cons of the model.

Dog Clipper

A trained pet behaves peacefully during a haircut and calmly

Second – focus on the nature of the pet. If he is nervous and frightened, it is better to stop on silent models whose work runs smoothly and easily.

If the dog, on the contrary, is calm, then get a typewriter for grooming dogs, based on your own preferences.

Important! Consider a characteristic such as power of the device. It determines what type of coat The device will do. The lower the indicator, the more light and gentle there should be a “fur coat” of a four-legged friend.

Third – use the “three dogs rule”. That is it determines which device your pet needs:

  1. If the power is from 15 to 20 W, the machine is suitable for breeds of the type york
  2. If the power is from 20 to 30W, the machine is suitable for breeds of the type cocker spaniel and Maltese lapdogs;
  3. If the power is higher than 30W, the machine is suitable for breeds of the type shepherd dogs.

Also pay attention to the functionality. For animals with tight wool and thick undercoat require tools that have a lot of additional features.

Dog Clipper

Different haircuts for one breed

How to cut a dog without scaring her

The first haircut is always exciting not so much for the pet, how much for the owner. We recommend reading reviews and stories dog breeders, you can get important and interesting information from them, regarding the features of working with the selected model of the machine.

Before the procedure, a good walk is required so that the animal wearily. Feed is not recommended, but what you need is swimming.

Pet thoroughly washed, combed, waiting for a little wool dries up, and then proceed to cutting.

If the dog is tense, scared, trying to bite, it is better to postpone process for several days. Be sure to calm the animal and not be nervous yourself. The mood will quickly be transmitted to the four-legged to a friend.

You can pre-prepare the dog for a future haircut. Bet it is nearby, calm down, take the device and simulate the process, after why give a treat. Very soon, the procedure will be for the dog interesting and fearless.

Important! The area around the eyes, anus, fingers paws are always processed with special scissors. Dog position when cutting – standing. The procedure is traumatic for dog hair, this is especially true for long-haired breeds. Therefore better not abuse haircuts and closely monitor the condition “fur coat” favorite.

Dog Clipper

Some areas are processed only with scissors.

Is it possible to sharpen knives myself

The main working elements of any dog ​​clipper are knives arranged in a special way.

Their sharpening is not performed independently, because the task complex and requires professionalism. On average, the service costs the owner of about 500 rubles.

Knives for a dog clipper should always be sharp. For sharpen or replace promptly.

By the way, experts always not only change details, but also check the work of new ones. In addition, the knives lubricate, which significantly lengthens their service life.

Dog Clipper

A pair of knives for a dog clipper

Sharpening is carried out on special equipment. After her the machine again works like new, cutting fast and qualitatively. The service is inexpensive.

Why can’t you imprison yourself? It’s simple: knives for cars for haircuts of dogs have a difficult shape, with improper handling easy to spoil.

Sharpening is carried out on professional equipment that eliminates the possibility of breakage.

How to care for a tool

The dog clipper does not need complicated care. Here just a few rules:

  1. The tool should be cleaned regularly (every 5 haircuts, when let the machine cool down).
  2. Cut only the washed wool, otherwise the dust and dirt will clog and spoil the knives.
  3. Use only a special brush and cleaning agent. means.
  4. After cleaning, be sure to lubricate the device.

If you follow these simple rules, the machine for dog grooming will last a long time and more than once will help turn your pet in a real handsome.

Dog Clipper

Get a haircut again …

Where to buy a dog clipper

The price of a dog clipper depends on various factors. Here the brand, type of tool, functionality, technical characteristics.

If you want the cheapest model, stop at online stores. You can also often purchase a tool with hands “using virtual bulletin boards.

We recommend that you pay attention to the reviews when choosing a specific models. Most often, the owners note the pros and cons that allows you to compose a complete picture.

Real pet stores also offer these appliances, but there the price may be higher. But then you have the opportunity to hold the machine in your hands and immediately evaluate it.

Before you buy a tool, understand what exactly you need. View information about different manufacturers (Moser, Nova, Oster et al.).

Prices for cars can be different: from 400 to 5000 rubles. But in an average of about 1000-1500 rubles.

If you decide to buy a dog clipper, then never regret the purchase.

The device significantly saves time and allows you to look after the pet. Master this difficult, but fascinating occupation, and let your dog always look well-groomed and fashionable!

Dog clipper

A dog clipper is a necessary thing, especially if in a long-haired pet lives at home. Easy to learn tool use, thereby relieving yourself of the need to visit groomer.

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