Dog breeds for an apartment – 15 best options

The little dog is a big and devoted friend!

The dog is a sincere friend, a reliable companion. For urban apartments are often chosen small and beautiful decorative breeds.

It’s easier to keep such pets, but they don’t bring joy fewer large brothers.


  • 1 Yorkshire Terrier
  • 2 chihuahua
  • 3 Toy Terrier
  • 4 Pomeranian
  • 5 Jack Russell Terrier
  • 6 pug
  • 7 French Bulldog
  • 8 Dachshund
  • 9 Maltese
  • 10 Pekingese
  • 11 Shih Tzu
  • 12 Chinese Crested
  • 13 Poodle
  • 14 American Cocker Spaniel
  • 15 English Bulldog

Yorkshire Terrier

Doggie bred in England (height up to 22.5 cm, weight within 3 kg), sociable and cheerful.

Owners love to pamper York interesting haircuts. Almost no fade, ideal for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

If you want to see really crazy dog grooming, recommend to see articlehttps: //

But you need to look after the wool – wash, comb, cut.

Yorkshire Terrier is smart, but to train him not easy – the dog is independent.

Important: in cold weather you should wear pet; weaknesses – teeth and gums, maybe allergy, kneecap dislocation occurs.

Take me to you, I will bring joy and indefatigable fun to the house.

Take me to you, I will bring joy and indefatigable to the house fun


Ideal dogs for the apartment – short-haired and long-haired Mexican chihuahua.

About suitable breeds for an apartment with children will tell articlehttps: //

Adult doggie height reaches 22 cm, weight does not exceed 2.5 kg

Chihuahua tend to single out one owner, become attached and to be jealous. Among other features:

  • ability to fend for oneself;
  • suspicion and vigilance to strangers;
  • voiced “voice”.

The dog is easy to care for – just examine the ears and eyes, brush your teeth and do regular “manicures”.

Long-haired dogs comb by the facilitator. Chihuahua lives all his life soft fontanel on the skull.

I'm not just the perfect dog, I'm also the most beautiful!

I am not just the perfect dog, I am also the most beautiful!

Toy Terrier

This little dog is good for keeping in the apartment.

The weight of the doggie is from one and a half to 2.6 kg, it grows to 26 cm.

Basic care procedures:

  • brushing eyes, ears, teeth;
  • claw cutting
  • combing (smooth coat can be scratched with rubber mitten).

If you do not know how to brush your dog’s teeth, we recommend read articlehttps: //

Toy needs walks, although it may accustom to the tray, like Italian greyhound.

The dog is smart, but masterful, so from childhood you need upbringing.

Weak spot – eyes, atrophy may develop with age retina and cataract.

More on cataracts, symptoms and treatment can be found. here: https: //

How can you stay indifferent by looking through these eyes

How can you stay indifferent by looking through these eyes

Pomeranian Spitz

Pomeranian bred in Germany, as well as and larger German Spitz.

Adult doggie weighs no more than 3 kg, growth does not exceed 30 cm.

Companion for a single owner or an old couple.

But in a family with kids it’s not worth taking it – the dog can become evil.

It is necessary to wean the Spitz from barking and aggression.

To reduce the appearance of molting, you need:

  • comb out daily;
  • remove tangles;
  • wash with soft (or dry) shampoo, use balm.


The little fluffy chanterelle spitz is a cute creature.

Jack Russell Terrier

Very active, bouncing dog. Adult Jack Russell Terrier reaches a height of 30 cm and weight in 8 kg

The dog is not bad for keeping in the apartment, but will not suit the elderly and inactive people.

Key character traits:

  • playfulness;
  • intelligence;
  • independence.

Terrier puppy must be trained persistently and patiently, play, teach teams, tricks.

About how to train a dog at home, will tell articlehttps: //

Good health, but may occur:

  • dislocation of the hip joint;
  • necrosis of the femoral head;
  • deafness.

There are no insurmountable roads for an active little doggie

There are no insurmountable roads for an active little doggie


Chinese pug – often selected medium dog breed for apartment.

Growth of an adult “boy” reaches 36 cm, “girls” – 30 cm, not overfed dog weighs 10-11 kg.

Distinctive features – a dark “mask” on the folded muzzle and big bulging eyes.

Among the advantages:

  • balanced character;
  • sociability;
  • quick wits.

The main condition of keeping is the ability to devote time to the dog, to communicate.

The main health problems:

  • excess weight;
  • colds
  • dental diseases;
  • inflammation of the skin folds (you need to wipe them daily).

Pug molts, so it’s not suitable for allergy sufferers. Everyone needs day comb out the dog and bathe infrequently.

Your pet will support any games and entertainment with pleasure

Your pet will support any games and entertainment with pleasure

French Bulldog

A small dog up to 34 cm tall and weighing up to 14 kg. Affectionate, playful, appreciates communication.

These are excellent dogs for living in an apartment without small children. Many confuse them with Boston Terriers because of visual similarities.

Bulldogs are very loyal, like leisurely walks – it’s worth to fasten them on a harness.

French Bulldog hair care is minimal, enough comb out dead hair every 2-4 days and wash once a month the beast.

Among the health problems:

  • skin fold on the face requires regular treatment;
  • paw pads become inflamed;
  • there is a twist of the century;
  • stones in the kidneys;
  • obesity.

We are the best friends!

We are the best friends!


Bred in Germany, “hunter.”

There are dwarf dachshunds (weighing up to 5 kg), rabbit (up to 4 kg) and standard (up to 12 kg), short-haired, wire-haired, long-haired – good breeds dogs suitable for an apartment.

The character is energetic, friendly. The dog is bold sense of humor.

She has a bass loud barking, you should accustom to the “quiet” behavior. He likes walks, trips, outings in nature.

Like a normal dog, he loves to dig holes.

Good health may be overshadowed by:

  • birth problems;
  • epilepsy
  • injuries and injuries of the vertebral discs
  • diabetes mellitus.

It is important to walk enough and not overfeed.

This dog needs frequent walks, she will teach you sports and fresh air.

This dog needs frequent walks, she will teach you to play sports and fresh air


Maltese lapdog grows up to 25 cm, having weight up to 3.5 kg.

Unlimited love and devotion to the owner manifest in reactions to strangers. It is important to wean from barking.


  • are smart
  • are trained
  • playful.

A good companion for an elderly person, it is undesirable to start in family with the baby.

For the beauty of wool you need:

  • every day to comb “parted” on the back;
  • remove tangles;
  • cut hair between the fingertips.

The dog does not need large loads.

White, beautiful hair makes this dog unique

White, beautiful hair makes this dog unique


Bred in China, this breed was property emperors.

The breed resembles Japanese chin – also a favorite of emperors, but already Japanese.

Small (height up to 23 cm, weight up to 6 kg) fluffy doggie is good for home life.

Among the main features:

  • pride and independence;
  • attachment to the owner;
  • willingness to fight for attention and love.

Pekingese is not too suitable for a family with children, well – old or lonely.

He does not like to walk, he can “master” the diaper or tray. During the heat heat stroke possible!

You need to comb the dog well, bathing a couple of times a month – for grooming of this breed is a mandatory procedure. You can make a doggie haircut machine.

Ears, fold on the face and eyes of the dog – permanent care.

A beautiful unpretentious dog for those who do not like to get up early

Beautiful unpretentious dog for those who do not like early get up

Shih tzu

“Dog Chrysanthemum” – a decorative Chinese breed up to 28 cm, weighing up to 8 kg. Very affectionate and tame, adore the owners.

Suitable for families with children, friends with other dogs and pets.

Shih Tzu is one of those dogs that cannot live without attention, therefore For a busy owner, a doggie is not suitable.

To make the coat beautiful, the dog:

  • comb every day;
  • bathe once a week;
  • You can do a haircut.

It is necessary to monitor the condition of the eyes, trim the claws, watch for teeth and ears of the pet.

Surround your pet with attention and he will answer you the same.

Surround your pet and he will answer you the same

Chinese Crested

This original dog can grow up to 30 cm and weigh about 5 kg Chinese crested well suited for apartments.

The most common hairless Chinese dog, with hair on tail, head, ears and paws. Faithful friend companion.

He loves affection, stroking and hugging, in separation from the owners can get sick. Does not fade, suitable for allergy sufferers.

Remaining unattended for a long time, begins to gnaw things. Good trained, smart and smart.

On a hot day, protect your skin from burns. Longhair areas need to be combed, bare – moisten with cream or lotion.

In winter, the dog will have to dress very warmly or accustom to the tray, not to walk in the cold.

Original dog for the original owner

Original dog for the original owner


Dwarf suitable for the city (up to 38 cm height, weighing up to 7-8 kg) and toy poodle (dog grows up to 24 cm and can weigh about 5.5 kg).

These are not only suitable dogs for living in the apartment, but also funny family members.

A poodle understands speech well, loves children, becomes attached to family.

She loves walks, games, tricks. Gourmet must not be allowed obesity.

Poodle wool requires:

  • weekly bathing;
  • haircuts once every two months;
  • combing, removing tangles.

In old age, a dog may be affected by deafness, retinal atrophy, allergy.

A loyal, gentle friend who loves children very much

A loyal, gentle friend who loves children very much

American cocker spaniel

Active and moving dog up to 39 cm tall and weighing up to 15 kg

He can be kept in the city, but a lot is desirable with him walk.

The dog has a wonderful character:

  • kind
  • cheerful
  • flexible
  • communicative.

American Cocker Spaniel plays with children and other animals. He is affectionate and does not like to be alone.

He loves long walks, is well trained.

Can learn tricks, loves agility. Wool should be combed at least in one day.

Claws are trimmed as needed. Eyes and ears need inspections.

About how to clean your dog’s ears at home, you can learn from articleshttps: //

The complaisant character, activity, love for the owners - this is how the spaniel can be characterized

Compliant character, activity, love for the owners – this is so possible characterize a spaniel

English bulldog

Medium-sized dog (height up to 41 cm, weight up to 26 kg) with calm character.

Friend to an adult, condescending companion to children.

English Bulldog is taking root well in apartment, she needs enough short walks.

In the heat, you need to be afraid of heat stroke, and in the cold – to wear.

Well trained and trained, smart.

Predisposed to:

  • eye diseases;
  • gastrointestinal ailments;
  • dermatitis;
  • joint diseases.

The folds on the face must be looked after. But the dog’s coat is almost no maintenance required – infrequent brush or mitt massage removes lost hairs.

Unity with nature is important in raising a pet

Unity with nature is important in raising a pet

When thinking about how to choose a dog and reading descriptions, it’s important not to forget – each dog has its own character, which to form help the good attitude and love of the owners.

Dog Breeds for the Apartment – 15 Best Options

The dog is a sincere friend, a reliable companion. For urban Apartments often choose small and decorative breeds. Their easier contain, and they deliver joys no less than large brothers.

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