Dog Adenovirus

Dog adenovirus – an acute course of young animals carnivores characterized by fever, organ damage respiration, digestion, conjunctiva and lymphoid tissue.

The disease is common among carnivores of all breeds and ages, but the most susceptible youngsters aged 2 weeks to 4 months. Dogs of different breeds get sick, but puppies are more sensitive. The source of the causative agent of the infection is sick animals, excreting the pathogen into the external environment, with coughing, sneezing, with nasal discharge and feces. Infection occurs airborne and alimentary routes and through the conjunctiva of the eyes, in direct contact.


The incubation period of adenovirus is 5-14 days. The disease usually begins with persistent and prolonged fever, increasing cough and sneezing in view of localization primary process in the upper respiratory tract. Then appear serous outflows from the nose and eyes, signs of pharyngitis, bronchitis, conjunctivitis. Some animals develop swelling in the neck, accompanied by minor hemorrhages on the skin. Puppies Gastrointestinal upset recorded as diarrhea mixed with blood. The duration of the disease is from 2–4 to 14 days.


As specific agents, therapeutic immunoglobulin and hyperimmune serum. Besides, the use of medicines is provided pathogenetic, immunostimulating and symptomatic therapy.

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