DIY toys for dogs: entertainment and development

An active, curious and energetic dog needs to be occupied with something – otherwise she will find herself entertainment on her own. Keep away from damage furniture and shoes, put the dog’s energy into a useful channel simple and interesting toys will help. Buying them is optional Excellent crafts are obtained from improvised materials. Make DIY toys for dogs will be able to any owner. When choosing you need to take into account age, temperament and individual characteristics pet.


  • 1 How to make a toy from a rope with your own hands
  • 2 How to sew a soft toy for a pet
  • 3 Intellectual development of dogs

How to make a toy from a rope with your own hands

DIY toys for dogs

When making homemade pet toys, it’s better use durable natural materials

Practical, affordable and harmless material for the manufacture improvised toys – an ordinary rope. The best thing use durable natural jute, it is pleasant to the touch, durable, safe. The thicker the rope, the more voluminous it will be a toy. Such products are great for large dogs, as well as pets who love to chew on various objects. The thick rope is not so easy to break, the toy will delight the dog is not one day.

From the rope you can make a light ball, a bone for carrying, weave a rope with which not only puppies will have fun playing, but also adult dogs. The larger the pet, the thicker and more durable there must be a rope. If there is no natural jute, you can use blanks made of synthetic materials, for example, safe and strong lavsan.

What is needed for work:

  • a piece of durable rope made from natural or synthetic fibers;
  • safe quick-drying glue;
  • dry treat or some finished food.

Step-by-step instruction

Between the rope layers, if desired, you can put pieces pet treats

First you can try to make a ball. He is optional It must be perfectly round, for the product the main thing is durability.

  1. Having cut off a piece of rope, wrap it on the wrist, forming wide loops.
  2. The layers need to be wound tightly and evenly.
  3. The end of the rope is pulled through the loops several times, reliably bonding construction.
  4. To prevent the craft from falling apart, the tip is fixed with super glue, previously hiding it inside the toy.
  5. Having finished the winding, the ball is formed by hands, spreading the loops. By optionally can be placed between the rope layers of goodies: dry food, dog biscuits, pieces of dried beef veins.

Ball of the rope

Rope balls for your pet will be interesting and useful toy

The size of the ball depends on the size of the pet. For puppies do large balls that are convenient to drive on the floor. More adult dogs interested in ponoski. The ball must match the size of the mouth and not slip out of it. If the dog ignores the new toy, it can be finalized: add goodies or wrap another layer ropes. In the same way restoring the balls, slightly affected by dog ​​teeth. Heavily tattered toys are better replace with new ones.

In a similar way, bones are made. Their main difference is narrow middle part. This toy is comfortable to wear in your teeth, it suitable for working out the Aport team. For making a rope fold several times, then tightly wrap the loops so that so that the middle is smooth and rigid, and at the ends volumetric fringe formed. The end of the rope is tucked in and stick. To make the bone stronger and last longer, inside you can put the base: a wooden stick or cardboard sleeve.

If there is no rope, it can be woven from any soft durable shreds. Stripes cut from old knitted T-shirts, T-shirts, sheets. To make the toy smart, it is better to use multi-colored fabric.

For work you will need:

  • strong cotton fabric (preferably knitwear);
  • scissors;
  • tearing dacron threads, needle.

Braided ropes

To attract the attention of a pet, a rope toy can be made different shapes

  1. From a piece of matter, cut 4 identical strips about 1 m long and 10 cm wide.
  2. Stretch the resulting workpieces with your hands so that the fabric is slightly curled into a tube.
  3. Fold the ribbons, stepping back from the edge of 7 cm, tie a knot and lay out 4 stripes in the shape of a cross. Holding the knot between the knees, start weaving.
  4. Stripes of fabric are laid out alternately with loops, between them loose stripes are pulled and tightened.
  5. Thus a tight rope is intertwined, the ends are tied knot. If desired, the rope can be closed in a ring, securing strong dacron threads.

Such a toy will surely appeal to a puppy or a small active the dog. Representatives of large breeds are better to weave a rope or ring from strong jute or a thick synthetic rope.

How to sew a soft toy for a pet

Soft toys for a pet

When making a soft toy for a dog, it’s important to remember which filler is safer for her

Pets of different ages will surely like fabric toys, leather, faux fur. They are lightweight, comfortable for games, suitable active and calm animals. For work it is better to use durable fabrics: linen, felt, felt, tarpaulin, fleece, denim. Dimensions toys depend on the age of the pet. Puppies like more large items that can be fought, used as punching bag or pillows for sleeping. More adults pets prefer compact items suitable for carrying or tossing.

For sewing soft toys you will need:

  • tissue residues;
  • patches for stuffing;
  • cardboard;
  • scissors;
  • plastic bottle;
  • иголка с ниткой.How to make a bone for a dog

    Чтобы игрушка-косточка была объёмной, в неё можно положитьplastic bottle

To get started, you can try to sew a simple felt product, according to shaped like a bone. To make the toy neat, it is better to make a template out of cardboard in advance.

  1. With a piece of soap or chalk, you need to outline the contours of the future bones, making an allowance for seams. It will take 2 parts of the same size, they are cut with sharp tailor’s scissors.
  2. Parts are sewn together on a typewriter or on hands, the seam should tight. It is more practical to use strong dacron threads, a toy will be more durable. The seam is laid on the wrong side, leaving part of the toy unstitched.
  3. Then the product is turned out, straighten the seams and stuff small shreds. Vata and synthetic winterizer cannot be used – the dog can tear the toy and swallow the fibrous material.
  4. In the middle you can insert a plastic bottle, stone It will turn out to be more voluminous and attractive for the game. However the puppies preferring to use a large bone as a pillow, more like soft and elastic products stuffed exclusively shreds.
  5. After stuffing, the hole is carefully sutured. Correctly done the bone should be smooth, rounded, without unnecessary voids. By this principle can be made and other soft toys in the form of dogs, cats, flower or heart. Extended products can seal with a bottle, rounded stuffed with shreds.

Those who do not know how to cut and sew can be made for a pet candy toy. Such products are especially popular with puppies: with a large you can fight with a toy, it’s convenient to nibble, drag around the apartment and hide in nooks and crannies.

Toy candy

Toys-candies are interesting for active dogs, because with them you can do whatever

Making candy is easy. A long knit sock needs cut the heel-toe part, fill the resulting tube soft Tie the ends together with a strong rope so that the product it looked like candy in a candy wrapper. Instead of socks you can use knee-length socks or long sleeves from a knitted shirt, sweater, cardigan.

Another candy option is made on the basis of plastic bottles.

  1. In it you need to put large beads or peas, screw traffic jam.
  2. From dense cotton fabric (teak or denim) cut a rectangle in size of a bottle with an allowance of about 20 cm each side.
  3. Wrap the container tightly with a cloth, tie the ends with laces or streamers, straighten the candy.

Such a toy will take the puppy a few days, then tattered fabric can be replaced.

A simple and interesting toy for any dogs is a soft octopus. Small dogs especially like this craft, a lot of time conducting on premises: bulldogs, pugs, spitz, Pekingese. For old but strong knitted t-shirts will come in handy. Them need to be cut into strips about a meter long. Need 4 wide enough segment.

Soft toy octopus

The octopus toy can be any size – it all depends on of how the dog will play with her

  1. Fold the blanks crosswise, put a small one in the center a rubber ball or just a wad of fabric.
  2. After forming the ball, tighten the lace under it and tie it tightly double knot.
  3. Each of 4 strips is cut into 3 parts. Alternately braid 4 tight pigtails, tie ends with double knots.

Cute soft octopus is ready. At will, it can be snap on a fishing rod and use for active games with a puppy.

Intellectual development of dogs


Intellectual games for dogs can be bought in any the pet store and do it yourself

Homemade toys can not only entertain, but also to develop pets, training quick-wittedness, instilling new useful skills. It is worth considering that intellectual toys not all animals like it. They suit dogs forced a lot. time to spend alone, to representatives of service or decorative breeds.

The basic principle of intellectual toys is stimulate the wisdom of the pet, make him find non-trivial moves and solutions. During the game, the dog must find hidden goodies that will be an encouragement for Successfully completed quest. These toys are short-lived, but cheap and easy to manufacture, so there are no problems replacing parts will be.

To make crafts, you will need:

  • plastic bottles;
  • polypropylene pipes with plugs;
  • wooden blocks;
  • tennis balls;
  • synthetic fabric;
  • metal pins and rings;
  • strong cardboard boxes;
  • dry food with large granules or other prepared goodies.

The easiest option for a developmental toy is ordinary plastic bucket or box. It is filled with various objects: balls, rubber toys, rolled up socks, roll bushings toilet paper and even wrapped in a lump of wrapping paper. Between pieces of food scatter items. The task of the dog is to track down all goodies, gradually taking items out of the container. Minus the game – mess in the room. But it is compensated by the delight of the pet with each delicious granule found. When the game is over scattered items can be collected, and after a while again offer the dog.

A more sophisticated toy suitable for small dogs – the maze. The pipe can be glued from cardboard, assembled from boxes with pre cut bottom. A more durable option is to sew pipe made of durable synthetic fabric. So that she holds her form, in stitched drawstrings insert thin metal hoops to fit diameter.

Playing with the maze is easy and interesting. Goodies can be laid out into the side pockets so that the dog can easily get them, creeping in the pipe. A simplified option is to sprinkle some feed in end of the maze. The toy is great for training and very like pets who have to spend a lot of time indoors indoors. However, playing in the maze alone is not interesting, such fun requires the presence of a host.

A simple and popular toy for dogs is based on ordinary tennis ball. Such entertainment is ideal for pets that love to nibble objects, as well as for growing puppies. Making a toy is easy. Tennis ball is cut crosswise put a treat inside and offer the dog. The pet will be try to get tasty pieces while kicking and tossing ball. The smaller the hole, the longer the game lasts.

Tennis Ball Toy

The fastest and easiest pet toy to make – from tennis ball

You can complicate the task by hanging the ball on a rope or elastic band. The dog will be forced to bounce, trying to grab the dodgy the ball, grab it with its paws, press it against the wall and release again. These games are especially popular with teenage puppies. and representatives of small hyperactive breeds: terriers, cocker spaniels, dachshunds. To make the game more interesting, the ball should not be hung too high, otherwise the dog cannot get a treat.

Dogs who prefer to chew on toys need more durable products. They can be made from pieces of polypropylene pipes.

  1. The ends are tightly closed with plugs, for greater reliability Can be fixed with non-toxic universal adhesive.
  2. A small hole is cut in the middle; several granules of dry food. Turning over and tossing a toy the pet must get to the goodies. Since the hole is small, the dog will have to tinker.

This toy is a great option for large dogs, locked at home waiting for the owner. If the animal bites the pipe, it needs to be replace immediately to avoid personal injury.

Large, active dogs fit the original device, assembled from plastic bottles. They remove the plastic covers, pour a little feed inside. It is better to choose large granules irregularly shaped so that they do not spill out of the hole too quickly.

Intelligent toys for dogs

The game with plastic bottles is suitable for active and savvy pets

  1. The hardest part is to make a bottle stand. The design consists of a wide base, two supports and a transverse crossbar made of a thick metal rod. Important make the structure stable and durable so that it does not flipped over during the game.
  2. In the middle of each bottle, a hot needle is pierced through holes, after which the containers are strung on a pin. Enough to strengthen 3-4 bottles, they should not fit snugly to each other. By rotating freely suspended containers, the dog will pour some food, but shaking too much will not treats fall out ahead of time.

The task of the pet is to learn to coordinate their actions. Clever animals understand the principle of toys through a quarter of an hour, less developed pets need more time. But even the most stupid puppy will be delighted to twist bottles, taking an interest in the noise of granules and excitedly rejoicing to everyone the fallen piece. An additional plus – freely fixed plastic containers cannot be cracked, which means the dog does not could be injured by sharp fragments.

Pet Development

Another intellectual game that does not require additional preparations for the owner – puzzle with tennis balls

A very simple fun for an adult dog – a puzzle, made of tennis balls and a metal mold for muffins. They are laid out in large rectangular holes goodies, covering them with balls. Then design is proposed the dog. Her task is to turn the balls one at a time and push them from the holes, getting to delicious promotions. Task faster pets cope with narrow long faces: setters, greyhounds, Scottish and German shepherd dogs. For too active and agile dogs such a toy does not fit – the dog just flips design. If desired, it can be fixed to the floor by gluing a strip of double-sided tape.

Homemade toys are a pleasure not only for the dog, but also for the owner. Coming up with new entertainment, you can better understand the character and preferences of the pet, develop his best data, adjust the behavior. To toys do not bother, they need change more often, alternating simple items to carry and more complex intelligent designs.

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