DIY Dog Costume for Dogs – ideas in the photo

That the pet was part of the holiday and direct party, he needs to dress up. DIY for the dog original halloween costumes and send it to scare and to amuse others.


  • 1 Ghost Costume
  • 2 Pumpkin
  • 3 Wizards and witches
  • 4 Wigs
  • 5 do-it-yourself bat costume
  • 6 Simple Butterfly Image
  • 7 Dog with an unusual rider
  • 8 werewolf dog
  • 9 Halloween Spider Image
  • 10 Freddy Krueger
  • 11 Hollywood diva
  • 12 Shark
  • 13 crab
  • 14 Dragon
  • 15 Devil

Ghost costume

This is the easiest outfit you can imagine. It is enough to make cuts in the fabric.

Dogs in Ghost Costumes


One of the main characters of Halloween is indispensable.

A dog in a pumpkin costume

Wizards and Witches

To create an image, it’s enough to sew a bright cloak, a skirt, and on put a cap on your head. The cap is usually formed of cardboard and upholstered with fabric.

Dogs in Halloween CostumesA dog dressed as a sorceress

Charming Wigs

With a wig made of thread, wool, fur, you can transform the animal. Here is a dog with funny pigtails.

Dog in a bright wig

Here is an African.

Dog with magnificent hair

Even kids sometimes want to be a lion.

A dog in a lion costume

DIY bat costume

Another holiday symbol. Wings are cut out of leather and sewn to a blouse or harness.

Do-it-yourself bat costume for a dog

Simple butterfly image

It is done on the same principle. Wings are most often cardboard, it is better to paint them in the main colors of Halloween – red and black.

The dog in the image of a butterfly

Dog with an unusual horseman

On the harness you need to fix the doll. The worse the toy, the better. It can be a character from a movie, a cartoon, or just a doll with severed head.

Dog in a creepy Halloween costume

Werewolf dog

Special paints will be required. Before using them, you need to make sure that they are safe for the pet.

Dog with coloring for Halloween party

Halloween Spider Image

You need to buy a suitable the size of the shaggy wire and attach it to the harness.

Dog in a spider suit

Freddy krueger

An idea for those who know how to knit. The hook needs to be made out of cardboard, so that the dog does not hurt, and paint with a silver paint.

Pug in a Freddy Krueger Cosplay

Hollywood diva

Blond Wig and Famous White Dress – for Halloween A movie star has come!

The dog in the image of Marilyn Monroe


Fin is made very simply – it is sewn from dense fabric and stuffed with foam.

Dog in a shark costume


Another simple costume. Eyes are glued to the hood.

A dog dressed as a crab

The Dragon

The outfit is best sewn from leather.

Dachshund in a dragon costume


The main detail is the ears. The material for them is polymer clay.

Dog in a devil costume

All these costumes are simple in execution and at the same time spectacular. Your favorite will be the party star in them!

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