Didn’t become home: leopard kitten poachers planted in a shelter

A forest kitten from the leopard family was planted in a shelter Primorye.

Amur leopard cat is listed in the regional and international Red book. The population of the species is on the verge of extinction due to poaching, natural elements and forest fires. In size these animals are slightly larger than domestic cats. Which in turn, is the main reason for hunting poachers who are trying tame and domesticate wayward wild cats.


Amur cat brought to the Tiger Rehabilitation Center Park “Land of the Leopard.” Park specialists are almost sure that faced with poaching. Most likely its still small people took the kitten from their mother and tried to domesticate. But, Faced with the nature of a predator, poachers hastened to get rid of animal anonymously.

At the Center, the leopard cat was given a spacious cage, food and even name – Barabash – like the village where the animal was found.

As the engineer-researcher and zoologist Yekaterina Blidchenko explains, for a six-month-old cat, a lack of hunter skill can become critical. Therefore, the specialists of the Tiger Center will do everything possible to adapt the beast to its natural habitat conditions.

Barabash, like any wild cat, behaves aggressively, showing your character. Rehabilitation Center specialists urge people not torture wild animals, limiting their freedom in their own purposes.

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