Destroyers: dogs are named the most dangerous for nature animals

Scientists consider the problem of stray dogs one of the most serious environmental threats. Alas, they do not see in the near future ways to solve this problem.

Environmentalists exploring Brazil’s natural balance are horrified appreciating the danger that dogs pose for the fauna of the country. The population of these stray animals grows, runs wild, and in some regions crowds out natural predators: large cats and foxes.

Dogs are smart and effective hunters, they “work” in packs until one and a half dozen individuals and often kill not so much for food, how much for fun. According to scientists, these newly minted “chaos” almost completely exterminated 11 species of local animals, and for another two hundred pose a real danger.

This is a problem not only of Brazil, but of our entire planet, where there are already about a billion dogs – this planetary dog ​​flock increases every second.

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