Delf (Delf)


Dwelf (Delf) Dwelf

Breed characteristics

  • Adaptability: 10
  • Family Affection: 10
  • Game activity: 7
  • Intelligence: 8
  • Total health: 7
  • Hair loss: 1
  • Friendliness for children: 10
  • Dog Friendly: 10
  • Love for meow: 5


The dwarf cat is really unusual, this is understandable when first look at her. We can say that it’s not usually everything in it – coat length, leg length, physique in general. They produce the impression of creatures from another world, which is not surprising, since in the breeding program the breeders wanted to achieve just that result. To this end, they crossed three breeds, of which all the three in themselves are quite unusual.

The first is the Canadian sphinx, the second is munchkin. Besides, in The breeding program also used the American Curl. Program was connected with a lot of difficulties, since getting a cat perfectly corresponding to the external characteristics of the original idea breeders, it was not easy. However, perseverance and professionalism allowed to overcome all difficulties, and get the first kitten in 2009 year. To date, the breed dwarf belongs to experimental, due to the rarity and paucity of individuals (for 2016 their year there were no more than 30), and also because of its novelty.


Dwelf breed combines a majestic look, good nature and a very non-standard appearance. They can not be left for a long time alone, as they are very attached to their beloved people. because of short paws and lack of hair they require additional attention, but thanks to their magical nature, they return this attention is abundant.

The dwarf breed, these are small cats – an adult reaches 2.5 kg, no more, elongated body, paws short, tail long, muzzle wedge-shaped. Ears are straight, have unusual structure, eyes are large, very beautiful and expressive. The coat is either completely missing or barely visible on the body. noticeable fluff. The exact life expectancy is unknown, but approximately 10-13 years old.


A dwarf cat has not only external characteristics each of the three breeds used, but also internal qualities. Moreover, we can say that these pets have absorbed all the same the best. Dwarves are soft, very friendly and calm. character, they do not create unnecessary problems for their owners, do not nourish aggression or hatred of other pets. Can say having such an animal in the house is a pleasure. If you of course ready to provide him with proper care.

There are many breeds of cats that have great looks, but extremely problematic, here everything is accurate to vice versa. With prolonged contact with this animal, it is created the impression that it does not understand at all how they are created and where negative states, revenge, anger, etc. are taken. it kind, very cute and affectionate cats, they are extremely attached to their owners, love to spend time with people, as in games, and alone.

They are curious, moderately active, have a very balanced the psyche. Even rodents and parrots can not fear for their lives, if the house has a dwelf – these cats have absolutely no idea how to hunt or eat any living creatures. Dogs also don’t there is no problem if the dogs themselves do not perceive your cat like an enemy.

They treat children very well, like to spend time and play with them. However, it’s extremely important to explain to the child what’s wrong with these cats. must be handled very carefully, they must never be thrown, because due to short paws they will not be able to properly “cat-like” to land. This, in turn, will lead to injuries to the animal. Also, keep in mind that the skin of an animal is very sensitive to scratches and cuts.

Common diseases

The dwarf breed is very young, and reliable in-depth research regarding hereditary diseases caused by mutations of three non-standard cats, today does not exist. The owners note that serious health problems are not observed, the only exception is animal skin, very sensitive and prone to irritation. Also, remember that due to lack of wool dwelf can easily catch a cold in the winter in a draft, but because you need a jumpsuit and warm clothes.


Hair combing in this case is not required at all, so there’s simply no wool. But you have to bathe a cat significantly more often than usual, having wool. You need to do this every week, moreover, the skin is sensitive enough, and therefore you need to correctly pick up shampoo. Ears should be cleaned with extreme care, so like the ear cartilage is very sensitive to touch. Also watch so that the eyes of the animal are always clean. Claws cut about once every 10 days, teeth are brushed 3 times a week.

Breed Information

Country of origin USA
Life span 10-13 years old
The size small
Weight Males: 2-2.5 kg, Cats: 1.5-2 kg
Type of wool hairless
Color any colors
Lifestyle in room
Group rare, hairless (bald)
Price $ 10,000 – $ 50,000

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