Decorative dogs: variety of breeds little friends man

Many people agree that the dog is the best friend. person. But not everyone can afford to have an energetic and a friendly pet due to lack of space in the house. In these cases decorative dogs, which also called indoor and dwarf. They are small in size, which allows you to create comfortable conditions for them, even in small apartments.


  • 1 Distinctive features of decorative dogs
  • 2 Overview of Decorative Dog Breeds
    • 2.1 Yorkshire Terrier
    • 2.2 Pomeranian
    • 2.3 French Bulldog
    • 2.4 Pug
    • 2.5 Maltese lapdog
    • 2.6 Pekingese
    • 2.7 Dwarf Poodle
    • 2.8 Chihuahua
    • 2.9 Rare breeds of decorative dogs
      • 2.9.1 Brussels Griffon
      • 2.9.2 Chinese Crested Dog
      • 2.9.3 Papillon
  • 3 Basic principles and rules, the pros and cons of content decorative dogs

Distinctive features of decorative dogs

The main feature of decorative dogs, of course, is their small size. The length and color of hair in animals of this pedigree groups are very diverse. Therefore, you can find yourself and furry, and absolutely bald little companion. Moreover, among decorative dogs you can find breeds that are suitable for allergy sufferers. For example, the Yorkshire Terrier belongs to them, since there is no undercoat, which reduces the risk of allergic reactions.

Overview of decorative breeds of dogs

Decorative dogs include about fifty different breeds. Some of them are known all over the world and enjoy considerable popular, others are much less common. Also part breeds bred relatively recently, while others found reign of the ancient dynasties of Japanese and Chinese rulers.

Yorkshire Terrier

A playful and cheerful dog, whose height rarely exceeds 23 cm, and weight – 3 kg. Her silk long coat has a color, ranging from golden to black. Of positive qualities of the animal can distinguish his courage, devotion and mind. Despite its small size, if necessary, Yorkshire the terrier will selflessly protect the owner from the ill-wisher.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier is not aggressive, he gets along with others animals and children

Pomeranian Spitz

Fluffy Spitz is a bit like a fox because of its small sharp heads. At the same time, his thick mane is somewhat reminiscent of a lion’s. The color of the coat is very diverse, you can find white, gray, red, brown and gray puppies. As well as animals, wool which has several shades. Spitz are good-natured and affectionate to to others.

Pomeranian Spitz

Pomeranian is very cheerful and good-natured creating

French Bulldog

This breed is suitable for inexperienced owners. Smart and funny french bulldogs are practically not affected by various diseases characteristic of purebred animals. Besides Moreover, their short hair does not cause problems during molting. Despite the fact that the growth of the animal usually does not exceed 33 cm, it weight can reach 14 kg. So the French Bulldogs quite powerful dogs with developed muscles.

French Bulldog

French bulldogs come in brown, white and black colors


This is one of the oldest decorative breeds, the ancestors of which caught the rule of the Chinese dynasties. Pugs are active and friendly, they need constant attention and affection of the owners, and therefore they are very companionable animals. Pug dogs have a short muscular body and a flat wrinkled head. Growth reaches 32 cm, and weight – 8 kg.


Pugs have black, silver, fawn and apricot. wool


The popularity of the Maltese lapdog, also called maltese, caused by her character. She has a good disposition and devotion. This calm and affectionate dog has relatively small sizes. With a height of 25 cm, its weight is 4 kg The coat is white, but acceptable ivory and pale orange.


Maltese lapdog has a snow-white silky coat, which gives it an elegant look


Dogs of this breed in their appearance resemble small lions, but while their muzzle is a bit like a monkey. For these fun and smart creatures are characterized by qualities such as devotion and bravery. Pekingese are proud creatures, so they won’t tolerate self-rude attitude. Dogs are 23 cm tall and weight no more than 5 kg. Pekingese wool can be black, red and white.


Pekingese is one of the oldest breeds

Dwarf poodle

With a growth of 38 cm, dwarf poodles weigh up to 8 kg. Thanks their curly hair, these dogs resemble little lambs. Poodles are considered smart, active and loyal. companions. They are easy to train and good. remember various teams. Poodle coat color diverse. But the most common dogs are white. You can also find dwarf poodles with brown, black, red, red and gray wool.

Dwarf Poodle

The dwarf poodle is known for its living mind, allowing learn a large number of different teams


Chihuahuas became famous and popular due to their small sizes. With a growth of 23 cm, a representative of this breed weighs about 3 kg If we talk about the nature of these tiny dogs, then we can note their good nature and love of attention. Features chihuahua the ability to become attached for a lifetime to one owner and catch his mood.


Chihuahua is considered one of the smallest breeds in the world.

Rare breeds of decorative dogs

Among the less common decorative breeds can be found many beautiful and funny representatives. One of them is an affinpincher, otherwise called a monkey terrier or a whiskered imp. These dogs have a hard coat of black or gray. The height of adults is 30 cm, and weight at proper nutrition does not exceed 4 kg. Affenpincers are bold and smart dogs that have good behavior and almost never dirty.


Affenpinchers are considered close relatives of dwarf schnauzers

Brussels Griffon

Cheerful and active griffins are easy to remember thanks to its funny face and eyes, very similar to human ones. If you are going to have such a cutie at home, then Remember that the Brussels Griffon does not like loneliness. These dogs are small in size. With a height of 28 cm they do not weigh more than 6 kg. The coat color of Brussels Griffons can be red, black and fawn.

Brussels Griffon

The Brussels Griffon absolutely cannot stand loneliness and requires a lot of attention

Chinese Crested Dog

These graceful and charming creatures come in two forms. Body some are almost completely devoid of wool. The exception is paws, head and tail. You can also meet Chinese crested dogs called downy. Their whole body is covered soft and pleasant on touch with hair, making them look like miniature afghan greyhounds. Representatives of this breed are playful and good-natured, they love to receive attention from households and lend themselves well training. Of the shortcomings of the breed, frequent manifestations of obstinacy.

Chinese Crested Dog

It is believed that a Chinese crested dog first appeared in Africa


The papillon is also known as the Continental Toy Spaniel. This dog features ears that look like shaggy wings. butterflies. Papillons are very smart dogs with affectionate and cheerful character. They are loyal to the owner and poorly tolerate loneliness. With growth up to 28 cm, papillons weigh from 2.5 to 5 kg, depending on the weight category of the animal.


The breed papillon is translated from French as “butterfly”

Basic principles and rules, pros and cons of content decorative dogs

The appearance of a dog in the house is always a very significant event, to which is important how to prepare.

Be sure to remove plants, small and easily destructible items. So you protect your pet from injuries.

Do not forget that even decorative dogs love walks and need them. Therefore, accustomed to the tray puppies must be released periodically. Otherwise case without sufficient physical activity in the animal may muscle atrophy.

Do not forget that decorative dogs, like their large brothers, need training. Worth the time at least to study elementary teams (“Fu!”, “Place!”, “Co. me! “). A disciplined dog will not cause unnecessary trouble to the owners and to their neighbors.

The advantages of decorative dogs are as follows:

  • small size;
  • small daily intake of feed;
  • the dog can handle the tray;
  • less time is spent on walking.

But there are also disadvantages that the owner may encounter little barking miracle:

  • dogs can freeze on walks and need clothing;
  • dwarf pets have brittle bones and increased tendency to allergies;
  • breeding problems may occur;
  • often decorative dogs are not suitable for the role of defenders and the guards.

Perhaps decorative dogs and carry no practical benefits to humans, but puppies obtained by crossbreeding purebred and domestic animals are definitely good security guards and hunters. An example of this is a dog who was in my childhood. Her close relatives were Yorkshire terriers, which was easy to understand in appearance. And she guarded the house, calmly endured winter cold and even hunted rats and other rodents caught in the area.

Many people mistakenly think that all small dogs can become good friends for children, but actually it’s not. For instance, lapdogs and Pekingese are quite selfish and do not tolerate rude self attitude, so they can bite a child, wanting to stand up for yourself. Therefore, before acquiring a puppy from a kennel, Check out the features of his breed. Also, do not take decorative dogs in those cases when you are looking for a companion for long hikes, sorties into the forest and the like. Many pets are not adapted for long walks away from home.

Small dogs, unlike animals of large breeds, more often are obsessive. They require a lot of attention and love from a person, and also do not like to be alone for a long time. Therefore before how to get a naughty crumbs in the house, think about whether you can pay he has enough time.

The breed group of decorative dogs is very diverse and far not all of its representatives are good-natured crumbs. Some animals is very selfish and masterful in nature, therefore you can’t do without proper pet upbringing. If you really want to have a barking friend in a small apartment then the easiest the option will be to get a representative of a decorative breed, not taking up much space.

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