Dangerous spider seen in Kazakhstan: video and expert comments

The owner of a private house in the West Kazakhstan region discovered in the courtyard of a spider resembling a dangerous black widow. Video from karakurt scared Kazakhstanis.

Network users have confirmed the concerns of the author of the video regarding the type of spider. Someone even offered to burn the house, if only prevent the reproduction of karakurt.

The opinions of experts were divided. Entomologist Dilda Akbaulenov believes that the region’s climate is not suitable for this type of spider, so how they live mainly in deserts. However, experts Ural anti-plague station reported that karakurt are found in West Kazakhstan region. In addition, just in the middle of summer, breeding time, and black widows move around in search of a place for the nest.

It is worth remembering that the bite of a karakurt is sometimes not noticeable. After some time, muscle cramps and pain begin in the stomach, vomiting is possible. At the first suspicion of a bite seek medical attention. Timely treatment usually guarantees recovery.

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