Cuckold bull set a world record

In the US state of Alabama, a bull lives on a small ranch, whose longest horns in the world. Bull of breed popular in the USA Texas Longhorn is called Poncho, he is seven years old.

Pope’s elderly farmers bought Poncho a six-month-old calf and immediately fell in love with him for his good disposition. Good content gone for the future – he grew up in a giant handsome bull with incredible long horns.

A family of farmers with a bull

Poncho proudly and easily wears his heavy horns, they are completely he does not interfere

Mr. Pope recalls how impressed him longhorns when he saw them for the first time: a man right there He told his wife that there would be such an animal on the ranch. Said – done. Now admire the spotted goby do not go only neighbors, but also tourists.

The owner is combing the bull

Poncho knows that he is a star and handsome, and he loves preen

Interest in Poncho will clearly increase after he was recently listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the owner of the longest horns, ahead of the previous record holder by 2.5 centimeters.

With his beloved owners, this giant is affectionate, like a kitten. He is very like massage and other hygienic procedures, and in eating Poncho prefers apples and carrots, he’s just marshmallows loves.

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