Cubs nursing in Nairobi National Park rhino

A two-day-old rhino cub named Maarif to the David Wildlife Fund Sheldrick.

Maarifa was born on Wednesday, October 31. It so happened that she stuck in a mud pool. When the rangers of the reserve helped to get out to the baby, they carried it to her mother, but she didn’t recognized.

It was decided to transfer Maarif to the “kindergarten” of the National Nairobi Park, where it is already taken care of. Park staff in advance thought about the adult life of a rhino in the wild and decided to teach the baby methods of protection from predators.

There’s a video on the Foundation’s official Twitter channel (@DSWT), as one of the reserve employees plays with Maarifa and at the same time teaches her skill to butt.

The whole story of saving Maarifa’s rhino was filmed on camera and posted on the website of the Fund.

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