Cows treated for depression: $ 75 per session

In the scenic area of the state of American New York is located small farm hotel. Tourists go to the ranch to relax and restore peace of mind, and local help them in this cows.

The unique service provided by the hosts The hotel quickly gained popularity. Just for $ 75 an hour tourists tired of busy city life may hug with two local psychotherapist cows, stroke them on a soft warm fur, scratch behind the ear.

Woman with a Cow

For such treatment sessions on the territory of the hotel two of the kindest and most talented cows, Bella and Bonnie. Know-how authors from the Netherlands claim their pets really help people get rid of depression but warn: you can’t resort to a potent service more often, than four times a week and no longer than two hours in one session.

The cows themselves choose who to treat and who not. They can and abandon the patient if for some reason they do not like him; then try to repeat the cow therapy session again, after some time time.

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