Confiscated Pomeranian pass treatment in a Moscow shelter

Interfax reported the fate of fifty rescued animals.

Pomeranian breed dog help community volunteers flew from Moscow to Murmansk. They urgently issued documents for the return flight and bought fifty-five dogs of this breed, confiscated by bailiffs from unscrupulous breeders due to large debts to banks.

Recall that a month ago, bailiffs arrested more than eighty oranges at the Murmansk debtor. Dogs were kept in unsuitable conditions, as a result of which many picked up infection, and twelve of them were seriously ill and died. Survivors sent to the Murmansk Center for the temporary detention of animals.

From the Center dogs were bought (each five thousand) and taken employees of the Moscow shelter “Spitz Team”. Now, by community information, all animals are in the veterinary center and get the necessary treatment. Soon all dogs are sterilized and begin to look for new owners for them.

The remaining oranges in Murmansk were taken away by the organization “Give chance”.



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