Conclusion or salvation?

Fourteen live in a cage on the territory of the Trubetskoy estate protein. Residents of the Khamovniki district turned to the administration with request to let the animals out. The request was rejected.

The estate management explained the reason why the animals cannot to be released.

Aviary with squirrels

The cell with proteins until recently belonged to the children’s home creativity, but he moved to another place, and the squirrels remained on his own. Now the aviary with rodents is on the balance of another organization. And the territory itself was leased almost to fifty years to a private person.

But the former housekeeper of the orphanage is watching over squirrels Creativity – Elena Mazurova. Now the woman is retired, but still then continues to feed the animals. The amount of 25 thousand for fruits and nuts for squirrels are allocated by the same educational institution.

Elena explains to livestock advocates and volunteers that protein is free You can’t let them out, because they were born in captivity. This aviary is their permanent home.

“As soon as we release them – that’s it, they won’t be.”

Mazurova Elena, supply manager

No documents proving the origin of the protein can be found seems possible.

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