Clubfoot Thief Possessed for Alien Honey

Employees of a park in Bashkiria hid a video camera on a tree. On the record was captured theft of honey from bees in broad daylight.

The clip with a sneaky beast was published by the park staff on the page in social networks.

bear steals honey


On it, a young bear feasts on “free” honey, sticking his face right in the hollow to the bees. But the feast did not last long, since smart insects to the impudent little bear left quite a bit of honey. Such a portion was not enough for the clubfoot, and he climbed up the tree in hoping to find another hollow. But there it was – neither hollow nor honey, no bees.

a bear steals honey from bees


Bear had to climb to the ground from a height of three meters.

National Park “Bashkiria” was created back in 1986. Its total area is 92 thousand ha. The fauna of the park is diverse: brown bears, wolves, foxes, martens, various rodents, more than 230 species of birds, and 32 species of fish were identified in reservoirs, including pike and zander.

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