Choose a nickname for the shepherd

When we talk about a shepherd, we immediately imagine the “German” – the perfect service dog, the hero of many books and popular TV shows. However, more than sixty very different shepherds are called modern breeds whose original purpose was shepherd’s work. How to choose a nickname for such a pet?


  • 1 What is the meaning of the names (nicknames) of dogs in a professional cynology
    • 1.1 What can be understood by the name of a thoroughbred dog
    • 1.2 Basic rules for the selection of names for the shepherd
      • 1.2.1 Photo gallery: some breeds of shepherd dogs – shepherd dog
      • 1.2.2 Choosing a Dog Name – First-Person Tips
    • 1.3 What to call a shepherd
      • 1.3.1 Video: nicknames for dogs of large breeds – tips specialists
  • 2 Recommendations of dog handlers
  • 3 Owner Reviews

What is the meaning of the names (nicknames) of dogs in a professional cynology

A thoroughbred puppy, as a rule, is already sold with a name – it given by the breeder after activating the litter and entered into the breeding a book. Each litter is assigned a specific letter, with which nicknames for all babies should begin. Full name recorded in a puppy metric, often accompanied by a factory prefix – the name of the kennel in which the dog replenishment is registered. The name of the dog along with the prefix of the kennel should not exceed forty characters (with spaces).

This is one of the provisions of the FCI – international cynological organization, which includes Russian Cynological Federation. The rule applies to those breeds which FCI has not yet been recognized, but already registered in the RKF – among there are plenty of shepherds, by the way.

Shepherd at the exhibition

The name from the pedigree most often sounds at exhibitions – it is not for at home and not for walking

What can be understood by the name of a thoroughbred dog

The fact that the cynological club issued a puppy metric, where, among other things, the nickname is entered, is official confirmation of the breed of a particular dog. Experienced and a curious owner based on this simple data can learn a lot about your pet.

The letter with which the name of the baby begins allows approximately calculate what the litter was in this nursery, and make relevant findings on breeders’ experience. The fact is that uppercase letters for general marks are assigned in alphabetical order: it’s one thing if your purchase is called, for example, Andre, and another – if Charles.

Shepherd with puppies

The name of the baby can tell a lot about his heredity

Knowing the details of your baby’s parent couple and littermates, You can find a lot of interesting and useful information on the Internet. The vast majority of cattle dogs have pedigree catalogs, with with which you can get important data on heredity certain lines:

  • about health;
  • success at exhibitions;
  • about working qualities;
  • about some of the nuances of breeding.

Basic rules for choosing a shepherd name

Practice shows that nine out of ten dogs have an official the name remains only for exhibitions and registration of various documents – the owners come up with a different pet name for the pet, which then used in everyday life. This name the dog usually considers “native”, but about the first nickname may not even be guessed. Try not to do mistakes when calling your dog – here are some tips on how there should be a name for the shepherd:

  • simple and short – one, two or a maximum of three syllables, which easy to pronounce;
  • sonorous – it is desirable that in the nickname there are whistling and growling sounds (dogs hear them well), you can suspect pet from a distance or in a noisy place;
  • positive – the name of the big dog should not produce malice, aggression and other negativity;
  • match the appearance and character of the dog – for example, emphasize its strength, power, active nature or aristocracy.

Can a dog be called human names – opinions on this about disagree, but all the prohibitions are not based on anything except unexpressed superstitions.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog with Mistress

Don’t wake up the beast in such a dog once again – call it calm and affectionate name

Since all shepherd dogs are native breeds, in countries of origin have established traditions, what to call such dogs. Take an interest (the Internet to help you) – this extremely informative, and the name chosen in this way will be exclusive and at the same time authentic.

The easiest and most win-win option is to choose a name for the dog. in her “native” language, that is, turn to the vocabulary of the country where breed was bred:

  • Silat (strength), Bold (bold), Pazach (guard), Verna (faithful), Warrior (warrior) – for the Bulgarian Shepherd (Karakachan dog);
  • Balor (daredevil), Pastor (shepherd), Harz (warrior), Jonda (curly hair), Sivi (cutie) – for the Hungarian shepherd (pumi, bullet, Moody, Komondora);
  • Dapper (brave man), Snelly (fast), Cappi (smart girl), Sluv (cunning), Lammy (sheep) – for the Dutch shepherd (chalendeois), etc. d.

Consult with the brethren, as is commonly called another shepherd dog. For example, the Central Asians, who have common and quite popular, usually called beautiful Eastern names – always with a meaning. Nicknames for boys should reflect the strength of the dog, and for girls – beauty:

  • Darman is powerful;
  • Jasur – the brave;
  • Zangar is huge;
  • Kagysh is a fighter;
  • Altyn-gul – a bud of gold;
  • Nezi – affectionate, tender;
  • Orzu is a wonderful dream.

But more correct, of course, will be a name that is harmonious will fit into the image of the pet – will correspond to its appearance and inner peace. For the right choice you need at least explore the features of the breed as a whole and your wonderful dog in particular.

Photo gallery: some breeds of shepherd dogs – shepherd dogs

Aussies (Australian Shepherds) are very hardworking and responsible, always want to please the owner
Caucasian Shepherd Dog
The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is persistent, bold and decisive. character
Collie (Scottish Shepherd) shows interest and craving for instinctive work
The Komondor is very well adapted to work as a sheep shepherd: thanks to his coat, he disguises himself in a flock of sheep
Welsh Corgi has a great vitality, liveliness, benevolence
South Russian Shepherd
South Russian Shepherd Dog demonstrates excellent protective qualities and unlimited devotion to the master
Belgian Shepherd
Belgian Shepherd – representatives of this breed are endowed with the mind and good memory
East European Shepherd
East european shepherd must be balanced, self-confident, incredulous to outsiders
Central asian shepherd dog
Central Asian Shepherd Dog: The main purpose of the breed is security and protection
Briard (French Shepherd) is fun and playful temper
Dutch Shepherd (herder)
Dutch Shepherd (herder) – a very smart breed, different mindfulness and the ability to grab knowledge literally on fly
Mongolian Shepherd
Mongolian Shepherd – a calm, restrained dog, combining the ability to live in a family and impeccably guard a house

Choosing a Dog Name – First-Person Tips

How to name a shepherd dog

The future owner has a chance to agree with the breeder and the main name of his future dog – if in advance reserve a puppy purchase. Then you will be given a capital letter for litter names, it will be possible to think over and offer your options specific nicknames.

Girl holds a puppy

Give a good name to your beloved dog – you will make her life better and brighter

But even if you pick up not a nickname for a ceremonial exit, but everyday name for home use, this should not be just a set of sounds, even beautiful and sonorous. Naming your dog, you are able to influence its future – to form an image the friend you dreamed about. Familiar dog names may not have only direct semantic, but also deeper meaning. Here some examples of such nicknames – they are universal and suitable for any breed of shepherd dogs.

Nicknames for Shepherd Boys:

  • Alf – charismatic, very confident, likes new impressions and adventures;
  • Baron – noble, strong, with a pronounced feeling self-esteem;
  • Buran – sociable and balanced, strongly attached to children
  • Gideon – a dedicated guard and protector;
  • Vulture – purposeful, straightforward and unsophisticated, very devoted to the owner;
  • Demir – strong, strong, unbending;
  • John is friendly, obedient;
  • Kamtar – restrained, balanced;
  • Quint is an executive perfectionist, has a high self-esteem;
  • Morgan is a faithful guardian, very attached to the family and especially to children
  • Oscar – smart but a little stubborn;
  • Sardar is the first in everything, a leader;
  • Simon – flexible, kind;
  • Hart – brave and tough, but disciplined;
  • The sheriff is serious, formidable, responsible.

Nicknames for shepherd girls:

  • Adeline – affectionate, sincere, open;
  • Aza – easy-going, emotional, cheerful;
  • Amanda is very loving, a little jealous;
  • Barbara – restrained, obedient, capable of learning;
  • Bia – strong and hardy;
  • Wada – reliable, honest;
  • Vesta – beautiful, aristocratic;
  • Gala – a fortress that never surrenders to the enemy;
  • Gaya – invincible and strong as a rock;
  • Kora is a sorceress, queen of secrets;
  • Lyme – faithful, fearless, obedient;
  • Unit – playful, hassle-free, positive.

Video: nicknames for dogs of large breeds – tips specialists

Cynologists’ recommendations

All over the world, fans of these breeds adhere to one style – short sonorous nickname either in German manner or in national style plus the name of the nursery. Indeed, excessive pretentiousness not at all suitable for such serious working dogs.

Royal spaniel 90% D0% 9A-% D0% 98% D0% A1% D0% A2% D0% 9E% D0% A0% D0% 98% D0% 9A% D0% 9E-% D0% 9B% D0% 98% D0% 9D% D0% 93% D0% 92% D0% 98% D0% A1% D0% A2% D0% 98% D0% A7% D0% 95% D0% A1% D0% 9A% D0% 9E% D0% 95- % D0% 98% D0% A1% D0% A1% D0% 9B% D0% 95% D0% 94% D0% 9E% D0% 92% D0% 90% D0% 9D.174 /

choosing a nickname, you should consider who will become one or another dog: a guard, a hunter, a circus performer, just family favorite, etc. You also need to remember that a dog with a congenital aggressiveness – a shepherd, Doberman, bull terrier – you can obviously program for good nature and affection, giving her a soft nickname: Lucy, Musya, Lizzy, Mimi, Baby, Mouse …


https: //www.xn—-8sbcpndoxmkdv6g1c.xn--p1ai/forum/viewtopic.php? t = 214

Owner reviews

I read the list of names (Google to help) out loud, and in one name the dog turned its head and looked into my eyes, and now everything They say how this nickname suits her. Look at character, looks, temperament. The initial letter, however, was known to us.


The name of any dog must contain the letter “P”. I do not remember where read, but adhere to this rule.


we got a nickname for Masyaska born right away … this is ours, family … Lendi (pronounced Landy) – our surname Lendiak … Surname!


The name is of great importance in the life of not only a person, but also dogs. By giving a nickname to a little puppy, you are programming him for many years. This is especially important for shepherd dogs, each of which has a strong character and bright, interesting individuality.

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