Chinese crested dog – description, character and breed photo

Chinese Crested is an exotic looking dog that, However, it is not of Chinese origin. Chinese Crested there are two options, naked, with silky hair on the head (comb), on the tail and legs; and downy, which is completely covered with wool. Both variants of these dogs can be born in one. litter.

Regardless of type, crested Chinese dogs are always slim, elegant and graceful. They are beautiful, although they win contests ugly dogs are more likely than all other breeds.

It is believed that Chinese crested are friendly, but in fact this is the exception rather than the rule. These dogs are very sensitive and reactive, and also have a strong social need. Crested can be charming with acquaintances people, but they’ll likely bite a stranger if they don’t socialized and trained in good manners.

Chinese crested dog - description, character and breed photo

Contrary to popular belief, a Chinese crested naked is not needs sunscreen, moisturizing lotions and any other skin products, as often they simply cause Problems. Skinless crested skin has the best chance of staying healthy if you do not apply any special means to it. By However, these dogs need regular bathing, but not too much. often, once every one to two weeks.

Chinese Crested is not a hypoallergenic breed, but it is practically non-shedding. However, it is important to understand that even the bare version has a fairly large amount of wool on head, legs and tail. Some allergy sufferers get along well with naked, but others will not be able to bear them.

Naked crested are incredibly tolerant of heat. They can no problem lie in the scorching sun for hours, like lizards. In addition, they drink quite little, which often leads confused even by experienced dog owners who leave much water.

Conversely, they are absolutely intolerant of the cold. Some the owners are trying to “temper” them, exposing them to frost. And this is not just cruel, but also completely useless. Cold will kill this dog much faster than heat.

photo of a fluffy Chinese crested dog

Vaccination with these dogs must be approached sufficiently. Caution. Many crested ones have a terrible reaction to drugs, in including funds against fleas. In these cases, it is recommended the conservative approach that will be the safest. how generally crested do not need protective equipment against fleas and ticks – they are the last “option” for fleas.

Chinese crested dogs become wonderful family dogs, who like to be in the company of people. They are well suited for children, but, depending on age, it is important to educate children accordingly manners. Some crested ones can be impulsive, therefore, if they have not been trained, they should not be left alone with children, even adults.

These dogs are very social, so they suffer from separation, which in turn can lead to barking and destructive accidents. They can start climbing or digging to avoid privacy too long. When the owner is nearby, they relatively quiet dogs, but also quite alert, therefore, they can often give alarms.

They get along well in apartments and any other type of housing. Chinese Crested is a wonderful dog for the family, which playful, affectionate and attractive. This dog will be reliable a companion who fills the lives of their owners with love, laugh and have fun.

photo of a naked (bald) Chinese crested dog

Chinese crested dogs have excellent jumping abilities, dig and climb. Do not make a common mistake by underestimating their physical abilities just because they are small. They are excellent hounds, and a fence of 1.5 meters will not be serious for them an obstacle. In addition, they have no fear of jumping. and climbing.

Chinese merchants used Chinese crested for fishing rats on their ships and they probably also used these abilities for agricultural purposes. Today these dogs are very popular as your favorite pets, and they are clearly more than just spoiled pets.

History and origin of the breed

The Chinese Crested Dog did not actually originate in China. She came from an African or Mexican hairless dog (not it is known from which one exactly) which were reduced by selection in size.

Chinese crested animals are believed to have accompanied Chinese sailors on the high seas since the 1530s when outbreaks occurred plague, for hunting parasites and pests. However, even Today these dogs can be found in port cities around the world. TO mid-19th century, crested began to appear on numerous European paintings and prints.

Chinese crested dog - description, character and breed photo

The earlier crested names were Chinese naked, chinese edible dog, chinese ship dog and Chinese royal dog.

The Chinese apparently regarded the Chinese crested as having magical healing abilities of dogs. They were also used in as live “warmers”. Crested in China kept as ordinary sailors and emperors.

When the breed officially appeared in North America is unknown, but the first crested club appeared there only in 1974. In China, this the breed has become relatively rare today.

Breed sizes

The average height of Chinese crested is 30 cm. depending on gender, they weigh from 2.3 kg to 5.4 kg.

Breed character

Cheerful and active, crested loves and loves people to madness. Wait for the kisses and long pastime around you. a cheerful and loving little man. Remember that crested is not accepts strangers easily – but as soon as she loves him, he will become for her to everyone.

They become a great and very smart companion. But, remember that many coaches unfairly rate their low position on the intelligence scale because they do not fit into typical dog character profile. Crested are not good breed for indifferent trainers.

Chinese crested dog - description, character and breed photo

Chinese crested can be truly stubborn. Friendly crested are the exception rather than the rule, since most of them are instinctively suspicious of strangers. They can be impulsive, and can easily bite guests in the house if not properly trained control your emotions.

To protect their home, they often bark warningly (not scaring a possible burglar, but just giving alarms). These dogs are adamant in their “watch” and will do their job and day and night. Some of them would also like to howl or sing.

The temperament of Chinese crested depends on a number of factors, including including heredity, training, and socialization. Puppies with calm character curious and playful, ready to approach people and occupy them by myself. It is better to choose an average puppy who does not fight with his brothers or sisters, and who does not hide in the corner.

Chinese crested dog - description, character and breed photo

It is advisable to meet at least one parent – better with a bitch to make sure she has the right character, which will be comfortable for you. Seeing siblings is also helpful. to evaluate how the puppy will be when she grows up.

Like any dog, a crested dog needs early socialization – in contacts with different people, sights, sounds and other objects. Socialization will help ensure that the puppy grow into a well-balanced dog with developed social skills.

photo of a Chinese crested dog down

Chinese Crested Health

Crested, as a rule, have good health, but, like most breeds are prone to certain diseases. Not all crested have these or any other diseases, but it’s important Be aware of what diseases you need to be prepared for.

If you buy a puppy, find a good breeder who will show you both of his parents. Getting to know parents prove that the dog has been tested and cleaned of specific health problems.

Crested may be prone to: hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, hypothyroidism, and von Willebrand syndrome (thrombopathies). In addition, crested can occur dental problems, progressive retinal atrophy, dry keratoconjunctivitis (dry eye) and Perthes disease.

Care and maintenance of Chinese crested dogs

Chinese Crested require a minimum amount of exercise – they will not be good running partners, but mental stimulation more important to them. There are many toys and puzzles, intended for dogs, and crested will successfully use by many of them.

Chinese crested dogs are generally easy to trained, but they are stubborn, which means you will need patience. Positive reinforcement in learning is the only way and behavior correction should be delicate, since the breed is rather timid in nature.

Chinese crested dog - description, character and breed photo

Socialization, as mentioned, is necessary, so It is advisable to find a place where there are groups or classes of small the size of puppies and dogs so your crested one can communicate with herself similar dogs of the same size. They may be injured during playing time with a large puppy.

Cage training is good for every dog, and is a way to protect the house and crested from accidents. Cell may also be the place where she will sleep. Crested Cresting a cage at a young age will help her make a conclusion if you you will need to move or take her to the clinic.

However, you should not keep crested in a cage for all day. This is not a prison, and it should not spend longer there than several hours.

Children and other animals

Lovely and tender children adore Chinese crested. However children must be old enough to understand that they should be careful with these little dogs.

As with other breeds, you must properly educate your children interacting with the dog to prevent any unwanted behavior. Teach your child not to approach any dog when she eating or sleeping. Not a single dog, no matter how small it is friendly, should never be left unattended with a child.

Crested also love other pets and often play with them.

Photo of a puppy of a naked Chinese crested dog:

Photo of a puppy naked Chinese crested

Photo of a fluffy Chinese crested puppy dogs:

Photo of a fluffy Chinese crested puppy

Key Features of Chinese Crested

  • Chinese Crested Dogs are a small breed that Suitable for many types of houses, including apartments.
  • In one litter there can be both naked and down Chinese crested. This is not a sign of poor breeding.
  • Chinese crested relatively clean and practically non-shedding rock.
  • These dogs should not be left alone in the yard or without leash for a walk. They can easily escape through the fence, even relatively high.
  • Crested are stubborn enough.
  • These dogs are better suited for adult children.
  • Chinese crested bark and behave like miniature watchdogs dogs. If you are looking for a quieter dog, then you better look another breed.
  • Chinese Crested are companion dogs that prefer to be with the owner and with his family.
  • Proper socialization is essential for these dogs because they can become timid and afraid of people.

Price of Chinese Crested Dogs

If you want to get this dog, then you need to know what fluffy crested, as a rule, costs 2 times cheaper than naked. AT Moscow and St. Petersburg cost of a naked Chinese crested dog from a pedigree is from 15,000 to 50,000 rubles or more, the cost of down will be slightly lower.

Video about the breed

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