Cheer up the horse: cryotherapy for horses (video)

Cryotherapy sessions so popular for healing and rejuvenations in humans are now available for racehorses. Such The service is provided by Revive Cryotherapy in Dubai.

Extreme procedure that briefly immerses the “patient” in vapor of liquid nitrogen at a temperature of -104 degrees, already showed excellent results. Stimulated thus, the horses come to the finish line faster than their less advanced competitors.

Cryotherapy for a horse

But the main point of cryotherapy, of course, is not one-time stimulation, and in a serious therapeutic effect. Sessions have a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, help to recover faster muscles and joints, which is especially important for horses.

Thoroughbred horses are not the first animal clients of Revive Cryotherapy, the company already provides its services to dogs, and in the near future plans to expand them to camels.

Video: this is how the cryotherapy session goes

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