Chartreuse cat (photo): French favorite nobility



Origin: France.

Class: according to FIFe – III (shorthair & somali), according to WCF – 3 (shorthair).

Color: blue, solid.

Sizes: medium, weight reaches from 3 to 7.5 kg

Life expectancy: on average – 13 years old.

Calm serious kitten with a unique blue color is clearly will fall into the soul of many pet lovers.

This breed is called Chartreuse or Cartesian.

Some experts suggest that it was bred by Crossing Pallas and Egyptian cats.

After all, her ancestors could safely survive in the harsh mountain conditions areas of Syria, Turkey and Iran, so they are owners of luxurious wool.


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  • 2 Psychology
  • 3 Application
  • 4 How to choose a kitten
  • 5 Care features
    • 5.1 Combing
    • 5.2 Walk
  • 6 Power
  • 7 Health
    • 7.1 characteristic diseases
    • 7.2 Vaccinations
  • 8 Knit

Breed history

Chartreuse cat was known in the Middle Ages.

It got its name due to the fact that it was imported from African countries to France, and more specifically to the Chartreuse Monastery.

After some time, this breed has become a hallmark countries.


Serious, large and expressive eyes of orange or yellowish is a visiting card of this breed

The cat Chartreuse got its distribution after the first world war when she first appeared at exhibitions in Great Britain.

However, for a while, in the aftermath of World War II, this breed was lost, while at the initiative of individual lovers of this breeds, they did not cross with the British and Persian breeds.

This saved the chartreuse from complete disappearance. In the 70s it the breed was introduced to America.

Interesting! Cartesian cat was Charles de Gaulle’s favorite pet.

Chartreuse cats are currently recognized by all organizations. cat lovers except GCCF.

They are rare species, therefore, the price of them is enough high.


Cartesian cat has a restrained and balanced character.

Like Scottish Straights and to the Scots, such animals are not bad feel alone, but with the care of the owner they, of course, more pleasant.

In the family of cats, they usually choose one “pet”, which recognizes the sole owner.


Dark shades of blue are not uncommon. but the preferred option is a lighter coat

It is necessary to engage in education from a short time.

Moreover, if the kitten has done Skoda, the best punishment for it will not be physical strength.

As soon as the kitten realizes that it is being ignored, it will try to get better.

According to some, this cat is not just balanced, but in somewhat lazy.

Catch her in a warm and cozy corner with a pillow or on a shelf with clothes is quite a common thing.

If you want to please a pet and make a house for him do it yourself, we advise you to read articlehttps: //

Moreover, if a cat of Chartreuse breed has chosen any corner, she will not give it to anyone else.

Interesting! Feature of this The breed is that she barely speaks. Seldom enough you can hear from her “Meow!”.


Thought I could only sleep? And no! Now how to catch a mouse … How to bring her to the mistress of the bed …

To moving, the arrival of guests and the change of scenery of a cat breed Chartreuse are treated quite calmly.

If you changed your apartment, she will choose a new corner for herself. comfortable sleep.

If you changed the atmosphere from an apartment to a country house, the Cartesian cat will be happy to show his hunting skills, and then picks up a warm place to sleep.


Chartreuse cat – a great choice if you plan to get pet.

She can easily move, change the environment and perfectly he will feel himself, both in the apartment and in a country house with adjacent territory.

Easily educated and accustomed to simple rules, understands why you need a claw-brush and where to go to restroom.


How is it, the sofa is not mine? Yes, you are right crazy, comrades!

When breeding, you need to carefully check the pedigrees of two individuals, since in the initial form these cats survived only from American and French breeders.

How to choose a kitten

When choosing a Chartreuse pet, it is recommended first turn to pay attention to the color of the coat.

Cartesian cats, like Russian blue cats and Nibelungs, color blue, with he may be of all tones, but most preferred is light gray.

The color of the undercoat is a tone darker than the main coat.

The skin is also blue, although there are cases of kittens Tabby marks that must go between the ages of 6 and 12 months.


Eat, you can sleep

Eye color most often pronounced orange, occasionally yellow.

Kittens are born with a gray tint, which usually changes to three months of their life.

The eyes are expressive, large and round.

The head should be wide at the bottom and hollow cheeks.

The nose is wide, straight with a bluish-gray tip. (if it is of a different shade, it means that before you is not a purebred kitten).

The ears should be of medium size, not set straight, but high.

Interesting! Some specialists argue that Chartreuse and British blue are the same breed. Or, that the Cartesian cat was earlier, but during crossed with the British and now has no pure breed. This is wrong judgments. These two breeds have completely different types of temperament and character, as well as blood type and genealogy.

The body of the Chartreuse cat is quite massive and muscular. Length average.

Paws are strong, but not long. Pads in tone of wool – bluish.

The tail should be proportionate to the body and rounded tip.

Care Features

The Carthusian cat belongs to the short-haired breed.

It does not require special care, however, in the seasons, molting is recommended spend more time with your pet. Suitable for this furminator.

Special attention is required to the question of swimming.

The peculiarity of this breed is that when conducting water procedures, you need to wait for a while until the water penetrates through thick coat.

This cat’s fur easily repels water due to its texture and thickness.

Learn more about how to wash a cat. here: https: //


Purebred chartreuse eyes are always yellow

Grooming is not needed, but if desired, you can pamper pet image change.

If you have the skills and abilities, then using Clippers can cut it yourself.

Mandatory procedure is ear cleaning. Its recommended spend once a week.


Bathe? Well, no: I licked everything! Better scratch me master!


Scrubbing should be regular, but not necessary. everyday.

The animal will need special care during moulting periods.

Then you need to help remove the lost hairs.


These pets love to sleep.

However, if you live in a country house where there is adjoining kindergarten or other territory, Cartesian cats with pleasure to stretch your paws and prove themselves to be excellent hunters.

It’s not for nothing, in the Middle Ages they were considered excellent mousetraps.

Interesting! From long stay in the sun, the wool of the Carthusians can change its color. At a dull brownish tinge will appear. Therefore important make sure that the animal is not too much under the lines the sun’s rays.


Warm up before a walk

When living in an apartment, walks will still not be superfluous.

These blue loungers will not be against the collar and their company the owner.


Feed this breed is necessary based on its features.

First of all, you need to remember that almost 20-25% the cat spends daily time on licking.

Because of this, wool accumulates in her stomach.

Therefore, you need to select special feeds, which prevent the formation of pellets in the stomach.

You also need to remember about such a problem as obesity.

It is inherent in some breed lines and can lead to disease. heart, blood vessels.

Forbidden to use Chartreuse:

  • pork (it is very poorly digested and can lead to obesity);
  • salty fish;
  • foods and feeds (dry and wet) with a high content carbohydrates.

Mandatory foods that should be in the diet of this The breeds are:

  • beef;
  • bird;
  • dairy products;
  • boiled eggs.


I’m tired … And I will sleep right here.

If there is no opportunity and time to cook daily favorite food from conventional products, it is recommended to choose the right one feed.

It is worth remembering that for normal development, the animal needs both dry and wet diet.

It will be useful to feed with the properties of soft cleansing the body from wool.

It is also worth remembering that affordable price is not an indicator quality, so the choice of feed should be taken seriously.


Often, cats of this breed have quite good health.

An additional guarantee of this will be a balanced diet nutrition, compliance with care recommendations, and regular visit to the veterinarian.

Characteristic diseases

Like most thoroughbred pets, Chartreuse has its own weaknesses.

In particular, they are characterized by joint diseases: dysplasia of the hip joint, dislocation of the patella, etc.

If the dislocation is still quite simple to determine (the animal will “cry” and hide in a secluded place), then with dysplasia are more complicated.

Diagnose it only with x-rays.

No less problematic area is the oral cavity, or rather teeth.

It is recommended that you visit your cat dentist regularly for eliminate plaque, and also to solve problems with incisors.

The latter are small and closely spaced, therefore, so that their permanent teeth do not push out, they need to be on time delete.


The vaccination schedule for chartreuse does not differ from the schedule for other cats.

Crumbs need comprehensive vaccinations at the age of three months.

After that, a trip to the veterinarian for vaccinations is done once in year.

Mandatory procedure before vaccination is anthelmintic.


Individuals are considered adults after reaching 2-3 years.

At the same time, females by this time have already fully grown, and males can continue to grow up to 5 years.

When choosing a pair for knitting, you need to carefully study pedigree, because in a certain period of Chartreuse was crossed with the British.

To receive quality litter, it is recommended to use only purebred individuals.

The preferred option is to help proven breeders and nurseries.

Before starting to mate, both individuals need to be shown to a veterinarian, deworming.

Cats with a disease such as kneecap dislocation do not allowed for breeding because the disease is hereditary.

Crossing with other breeds is not allowed.

If you are interested in learning about cat pregnancy, we recommend read articlehttps: //


What? Waking up, and even going to the vet? Yes what orders in this family?

Chartreuse cat – an aristocratic representative of the family feline.

Such a pet will delight with excellent behavior, balanced character and moderate communication.

While the owner is at work, the cat is happy to sleep, and according to him the parish will be happy with pleasure.

She will not tear furniture, spoil the wallpaper, or prank others ways.

If the kitten was properly raised, then no problems from this pet will not be at all.

An exception is the molting period when it is necessary to carry out combing out more often than usual.

This old French breed (although it was imported from Africa) quite famous in Europe and America.

But choosing a purebred representative is not easy. And the price of an animal bites.

Therefore, before making a transaction, it is recommended that you carefully study the standard and, if necessary, consult with specialist about the selected individual.

Шартрез кошка: Любимица французской знати

Chartreuse cat – the favorite of many famous French (generals, writers). However for many years, purebred there are not many individuals left. Therefore, before you purchase kitten, it is recommended to familiarize themselves with their features.

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