Cattle dogs showed a master class: video

At a traditional fair in the town of Cookville (US state Tennessee) held an unusual show. Dog owner border collie showed what his pets can do.

Three cattle dogs whistle clearly and harmoniously the owner. Their task is to drive to the center of the meter circle flock of several poultry – ducks breed Indian runner.

shepherd dogs

It is no coincidence that Borders are considered the most intelligent dogs in the world. it today is one of the few truly sought after shepherd’s breeds in which working lines are bred, and talented pets pass a unique training course. Dogs are not able to work only by voice command, but also by whistle, hand movement or even the look of the owner.

It’s very curious to watch the shepherd’s dog team short dashes, “trademark” crouching gait, skillfully compresses the ring and literally in a minute fulfills the set task.

Video: Border Collie showed a master class

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