At a time when a girl kitten turns into a young cat, that is, by about six months, she may begin the first estrus. Ideally, the owner should even before this exciting state to decide for himself whether he will look for a male for the pet, leave the future offspring of the cat, giving it back to good hands or taking care of it yourself. Another way out situations – operation to sterilize a cat when estrus, like sex drive will never come again because the ovaries (often the uterus) will be removed. You’ll have to make a choice, since the natural course of nature is not subject to man – the first the estrus in the cat will be replaced by subsequent ones, and without fertilization the animal will experience flour, unable to reproduce.

Cat’s first estrus

When estrus begins in cats for the first time – the question is individual. Cases where the first estrus occurred in 4-month-olds and 1.5 – year old cats, and in both cases we can talk about pathology reproductive organ development and possibly about various serious diseases. Most often, estrus catches a cat from 6 to 10 months, that is, puberty at a given age enters its the final stage and allows the animal to become pregnant. but experienced veterinarians and cat breeders caution owners from mating too early and giving birth since inevitable postpartum complications in too weak organism animal. Therefore, up to a year, a cat should not be reduced to a male, but should be overexposed, having undergone its violent behavior.

The stages of estrus in cats

  • I stage. Proestrus – within 2-3 days the animal becomes restless, actively rubs against furniture, the floor, the owner. This stage is a prelude to estrus itself.
  • II stage. Estrus – lasts up to 10 (sometimes 14) days and is directly in heat when a cat can have intercourse with a cat. The cat is becoming more active, screaming loudly, causing the male, constantly annoys the owner with importunity. By the way, how long the estrus lasts, it is impossible to answer unequivocally, since much depends on the breed of the cat, age, the possibility of mating with a cat, environment and so on.
  • III stage. Interestrus – if fertilization has occurred on time (i.e. at the oestrus stage), the cat ceases to be interested males, from affectionate and supple becomes a real fury, not letting the males close to him. This stage lasts from several days to a week. In cases where the fertilization of the egg is not happened, the cat may develop a false pregnancy, having similar symptoms to a real pregnancy, and differing only lack of an embryo inside the womb.
  • IV stage. Anestrus – stage when estrus is completed and the animal is not sexually attracted, while the behavior of a cat becomes the same as before estrus.

Cat leakage rate

If the animal does not have the opportunity to meet the male, estrus can to advance every month. However, most often estrus can be observed in cats 1 time in 3 months. Those cats that have the ability to breeding and feeding offspring can have only 2 estrus in year. Old cats also do not differ in frequent estrus.

Signs of estrus in a cat

  • Cat anxiety;
  • Affectionate, constant desire to communicate with the owner and household members;
  • The presence of mucous discharge;
  • Swelling of the vulva;
  • Larynx screams, purrs;
  • Forefeet with raised lower back and trembling tail.

How to help a cat during estrus?

Probably the best option for helping a cat would be to mate with male, and then the appearance of kittens, as cats instinctively understand that their main purpose is to reproduce. But not always plans animal coincide with the owner. Therefore, when estrus occurs in cats, many owners try to purchase special drugs, allowing to suppress sexual desire, delay the onset estrus or even interrupt it. Decide whether to give such drugs or no, each owner has to do it independently. But worth them apply if the cat will be able to give birth and to grow their offspring, and the owner plans only sometimes resort to medication, for example, when the animal is too young or weakened.

Cat sterilization during estrus

Sterilization is a radical measure, after the adoption of which the cat does not there will be estrus, there will be no anxiety. The animal will stop be interested in the opposite sex and will not be on the subconscious level wish for procreation. Sterilization operation is desired. up to a year, but possible later. It happens that the owner accepts the decision to sterilize the cat when she has estrus or is kittens in the womb. Such a decision can hardly be considered deliberate and it is advisable to wait until the moment of anestrus, as cases are not uncommon blood loss, a more serious condition after anesthesia, when the hormonal background of the animal is already unstable. But it also happens that the owner does not suspect that at the time of the operation the cat has time critical days, which he finds out only at the doctor’s appointment. In such In case of sterilizing the cat during estrus, it is desirable by the laparoscopic method, when a small amount is made on the cat’s stomach an incision, that is, profuse blood loss is practically excluded, and such an operation lasts half as much as usual sterilization – only 15 minutes. The humanity of sterilization is that a cat switches to games with others or other animals, hunts, she does not suffer from the impossibility of mating with a male.

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