Cat’s normal body temperature

Often the owners try to determine the temperature of the cat’s body, putting his hand to her forehead, but this method is not at all informative. BUT sometimes the owners of the animal do not know what should be the temperature of the cat, believing that 36.6 is the norm. Temperature an adult cat ranges from 38-39 degrees, and the temperature a kitten can reach 39.5 degrees, that is, in young animals rates are slightly higher. But it is worth noting that the body of each cats are individual, so a completely healthy pet can have 37.5 ° C, and 39.5 ° C. To talk about raising or lowering the body temperature of the animal, you should know the cat rate and main signs of hyperthermia (fever) and hypothermia (lowering the temperature).

Cat’s condition with fever

Hyperthermia is characterized by symptoms that may indicate disease:

  • Actually, the temperature increase itself (more than 40 ° C);
  • Dehydration;
  • Cat’s rapid pulse (over 200 beats per minute);
  • Rapid breathing (50 breaths per minute);
  • Cramps
  • Fever;
  • Refusal of food.

Causes of fever in cats

An increase in body temperature can be a signal of many diseases. Body temperature above 40 ° C – 41 ° C in a cat may occur with infections (bacterial and viral), with poisoning, violation in the work of internal organs, any inflammatory process, with the presence of worms. That is, the causes of high temperature in there may be many cats, but the owner must carefully monitor other unhealthy alarms (diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, cramps, discharge from the nose and eyes, increased salivation, etc.), which will help when contacting a veterinarian make a diagnosis faster and find the right treatment. When the owner of the cat will be sure that the cat is ill (for this know its normal temperature), you should immediately contact help to the doctor. Do not give your cat Paracetamol or others. antipyretic drugs created for people. Can wrap wet towel, attach ice to the groin and forehead, or a cloth moistened with cold water. To avoid dehydration body it makes sense to drink the animal with cool water, in cases when a cat refuses to drink, you can drink it through power, pouring liquid from a bottle or syringe without a needle into your mouth.

Causes of a Cat’s Low Body Temperature

Lowering the temperature (less than 37 ° C) also indicates unhealthy animal.

Symptoms commonly associated with hypothermia:

  • Depressed state of the animal;
  • Shiver;
  • Pallor of the mucous membranes;
  • Solitude in warm places, curling up (cat squeezes the paws, poking his nose in a fur coat).

Low temperature may be the result of hypothermia, a violation in the work of the cardiovascular system, with diseases of the endocrine systems, also with blood loss. The animal can be wrapped warm by a plaid, to exclude drafts and being in a cool room, a warm (but not too hot) towel wrapped in a towel may also help the animal feel comfortable. But if cat’s body temperature does not return to normal after warming procedures, you should consult a doctor for help.

When are temperature changes harmless?

Despite the seriousness of the situation, when an animal there is an increased temperature, you should not immediately fall into panic if there are no other calls dangerous to health (violations digestion, fever, unusual behavior, etc.). TO For example, in the morning the cat’s temperature is lower than in the evening, when physical activity (after running, games) are also higher. The cat that has eaten will have a temperature slightly higher than its own. norms. In such cases, the animal will not look sick, tired. As mentioned above, kittens most often have the temperature is about 1 degree higher than that of an adult animal. Pregnant cats have a higher temperature compared to other females. Lowering the temperature can be considered normal, if the cat was outdoors in the cool season, if in the room is fresh or there is a draft, i.e. a frozen animal will have low rates. Older cats often have lowered body temperature.

How to measure the body temperature of a cat?

Unpleasant for a cat process of measuring temperature is carried out rectally, by inserting a thermometer tip into the anus of the animal. Depending on the type of instrument, the measurement may take less than a minute. (electronic thermometer) or exceed 5 minutes (mercury thermometer). The most accurate indicators for a mercury thermometer, but not every the animal will be able to withstand such torture. Before measuring make sure the animal is calm, preferably process with an assistant, because cats often break out, bite and scratch the wearer. The animal should be wrapped in a towel or another tissue for fixation, and then inject smeared with petroleum jelly or cream thermometer about 1 cm. Sometimes the owners of cats use infrared thermometers to measure body temperature animal in the ear, but such information is less accurate when compared with indicators of electronic or mercury devices. In order to confidently declare a cat’s disease and her high temperature, you should know the indicators in cases where the cat completely healthy. Really high (like low) the temperature does not appear out of the blue, most likely in A complex and painful process occurs in the cat’s body. Self-treatment can lead to a life threat, which is why timely contact with a veterinarian is necessary.

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